Google play store apps

Google play store apps

Play Store Apps Free Download

Play Store Apps Free Download Play Store is the world’s largest online Android app store. On this Google-owned digital platform (named before Android Market) you can discover and download any type of application for your device, whether it’s a phone or tablet. But it’s not over, you can also find games, music, movies you can rent and ebooks to read directly from your device.

Play Store Apps Free Download It’s an essential application and if you do not have the store, Android is not worth it … The number of applications you are losing if you do not have Google Play is huge. As a result, there are currently more than one million registered applications ready to download In Google Play store apps! Being ordered by categories, it will not be difficult to find exactly the application you need, the one you saw at a friend’s place or just the one that adds incredible features to your phone or tablet. What is the problem? If you’re reading this, it means that you probably do not have the Play Store installed on your device and you’re wondering…
Why my cell phone/tablet did not come with the default Play Store

Play Store Apps Free Download

Play Store Apps Free Download  It’s simple, Google apps can only be installed on devices that have met certain compatibility criteria that google determines. For this, manufacturers must buy a license and pay to install the application store on their phones and tablets and as you can imagine, Chinese brands prefer not to pay the license to further lower the price of the product. This is one of the reasons why Chinese laptops and tablets are so cheap, they save the price of the license but customers must get the Play Store on their own. However, you do not have anything to worry about since it is possible to install and download the Play Store on any Android device and without any kind of complications. On this site,

Play Store Apps Free Download  The first thing you need to do is check the version of Android that is installed on your device. It’s very simple, you have to go to the “Settings” menu, and select “About the phone” at the bottom. From there, you have two choices. If your version of Android is 2.2 or higher, so much the better: Google Play Store is fully compatible with your device and you will have no problem. If your version is less than 2.2, you will need to get the APK file for the latest version of Android Market, ie version 2.3.6.

Play Store Apps Free Download

Play Store Apps Free Download  Download and install Google Play
From your phone or tablet, go back to “Settings” and enter the “Security” menu to activate the option that says “Unknown Origin”. By doing this, our Android device will allow us to install applications from APKs. For those who do not know it yet, they are used to distribute and install application software in Google’s Android system.

The next thing is to download the APK file from Google Play. You have two options, the simplest being to do it directly on your device. Download the latest Google Play Store APK and keep it on your SD card. The other option is to download the program to your PC and then use the USB cable to transfer the file to your Android device. It’s a little trickier, but it works too.

Play Store Apps Free Download

Play Store Apps Free Download  Once you have the APK, all you have to do is install it. Using the default file explorer with Android, navigate to the folder containing the file and open it. The installation is very fast and in a few steps, you will have the Play Store installed.

You have already installed Play Store on your device

When the installation is done, you will have the Google Play Store. We invite you to open the application and surf the different categories of applications … you can even lose yourself among so many choices. So I’ll suggest some apps that I personally install on all my Android devices.

Some basic programs that I recommend to start are Nova Launcher (an excellent launcher to replace the one that comes by default on Android), SwiftKey (which is for me, the best keyboard for Android), Helium (to make backups of your system), Flipboard (an aggregator of information), Tasker (to program your Android to do almost anything you want), Shazam (to identify songs) and UC Brower (a very good browser) .

These are just a few recommendations that will allow you to personalize and get more profit from your terminal. Now, it’s your turn to play.

If you’re looking to download Google Play Store for your Android device (whether it’s a cell phone or tablet) you’re in the right place. Android is the most used operating system in the world on smartphones and tablets.

Play Store Apps Free Download

Usually, when you are in possession of an Android terminal, the Play Store comes installed by default (since it is the official market), but your terminal may not have it. Especially if it is a Chinese phone or rooted. In this tutorial, we will see step by step how to download the Play Store and install it.

Play store

The benefits of having a Google Play Store are endless. For starters, you have an endless list of apps, movies, music, books that you’ll lose if you’re not careful. The Android Play Store has a very neat interface and you will have the programs you like the most in a simple and safe way. In addition, everything is synced with your Gmail account in case you lose or renew your Android.

How to download Play Store for free


Download Play Store for Android

The first thing you need to do is go to “Settings” -> “Security” and check the box “Unknown Sources”. This will allow you to open the file you are going to download without problems.

Then, what you need to do is get the APK file from the Google Play Store. At the end of this article, we will give you a link so you can download the latest version.

You have two options for downloading the file, although one is simpler and faster than the other.

Play Store Apps Free Download

  • Directly download Google Play Store APK from your Android device. This is the most recommended option. On your mobile phone or tablet, visit this site and download the APK file. Generally, it will be saved in the Downloads or Downloads folder. If you do not find it, one trick is to access from the notification bar of Android that should inform you that the download completed successfully.
  • The second option is to download the APK file from Google Play Store for Android to your PC and then transfer it to the phone or tablet using the USB cable. It is an option as valid but a little slower.

    Play Store Apps Free Download

Once you have the file on the Android device, you just have to open it. By having an APK extension, the installer program will start and you will be able to install Play Store for Android. Follow the instructions and in a few clicks, you will be enjoying Play Store on your Android device.