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According to Facebook, Facebook has introduced the new digital currency labra. This currency will be visible in 2020. Facebook has also introduced new Walt Calibra for this charity currency. CabraBra will provide financial services, which will enable consumers to secure their currency and transaction.
When it is released in 2020, it will be available in Messenger, in the Wats app and in a separate app.

create play store app Free Download
The purpose of launching a new service is to provide users who have no bank account or use to save money, send and receive bank accounts.
Calibra will also provide financial services to consumers who do not have bank accounts in developing countries. Users from California are developing countries, will also be able to save, send and receive Labra.
The most important thing is that processing of sending Labra will not be difficult at all. It will be like consumers send text message from mobile. Users from Labra will also be able to pay their bills.

create play store app Free Download
Facebook says they will not share data from your server or third party without user permission. In addition, the company says that Kelly will use Safari to secure and use Facebook data to secure the law.

create play store app Free Download
After several months of rumors, Facebook has officially announced regarding its corruption money. Facebook has announced Calibra. Calibra is a digital wallet that will be used for a new charity currency Libra.
Calibra is now a subsidiary of a Facebook company. It has been designed to provide financial services. With this, people will be able to connect with Labra Network.

create play store app Free Download
This is a block-chain technology that Facebook has created. It has the help of Master Card, Visa, PayPal, eBay, Ober, Lift and Spyware. Facebook will launch Calabra in 2020. It will be available in Messenger, in the Wats app and in the case of a separate app.
With Calibra users, users will be able to send and receive Labra Corpu currency using their smartphone.

create play store app Free Download Graduation will provide new services. This will include support for bill payment, purchase of scan codes sufficiently and support for getting travel services.
Facebook says that sign-up process will be able to select any of the customers’ minute minute partners such as MasterCard, Visa, PayPal or Stripe. Apart from this, people access local and online currency exchange Will be able to convert to Labra. FPS says Kelbra will not work for currency exchange but will be connected to an exchange in the future. However, Facebook has not yet told which exchange they would be linked to.

create play store app Free Download
Cook Starter has told producers and producers to not claim to be “world’s best” project for their project, rather than describe their campaign in a realistic language. Cook Starter did not ban the “best of the world” word, but Cook Starter has introduced new tips and principles for projects, which say that the creator of the project shows their projects with a high level of praise. Do not do it or raise it, as described by the attributes like the fastest of the world.

create play store app Free Download
Most of the changes made by Cook Starter is not a rule but policy guide lines and creators are not required to obey them.
Magg Haim, head of Cook Starter’s System Integrated Team, says that for the first time he wants to tell the creators what he wants to do.

create play store app Free Download
The creator who will follow Cookie’s tips will make this platform more public. Kick Starter has suggested that the creator will be like creatures like this, rather than speak in the language of hope and dreams instead. The Kick Starter also wants creators to take realistic behavior in determining the project’s amount.
The support of IOS’s new NFC will be more beneficial than expected. Germany is preparing to take advantage of the upcoming support of the IOS.
With Apple Approved NFC IDEA Focus Documentation, citizens of Germany can scan their ID card and use them on online and international airports.
For this feature, Germany will have to wait for release of IOS 13, which is expected in September.

create play store app Free Download
The German government’s AusweisApp2 app will make this task easier.
Germany is not the first country to introduce such a facility. Japan will also scan the NFC-enabled ID card. EU citizens will be able to enter the UK by scanning a passport from this facility, whether Britain should be part of the European Union, or to leave.

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