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google play store app chromebook Free Download Scientists have got red color chemical ingredients for the first time in an ancient fossil. This discovery has been published in private communications. Scientists use red-rayed pigs in Fusel using modern acertion imaging techniques. This red color has been mixed with the fossil of the ancient unseen type of 30 million years. This discovery will allow scientists to understand the evolution and learn about the ancient animals.

A team of scientists from all over the world has discovered this from acute rays.

google play store app chromebook Free Download Some of these episodes were produced in Stanford Layer Exterior Center and the British Diamond Light source.
The implication of imaging processing techniques in the traditional method only makes dark and light patterns. But now scientists have discovered colors in Foscel.
Scientists working on the fossils of the rat were named Miche Mouse. The color of red and stomach is white on the waist and the sides of this rat. This information will help scientists now copy this rat of 7 cm in a better way. This rat is today 30 million years ago from

google play store app chromebook Free Download Valershausen, Was found in germany
TickTown owner, Bite Dance, has released a new messaging application. The company has launched the Flipchat-based Feiliao application. This application is Interst-based Social App for Android and IOS.

google play store app chromebook Free Download It combines chat and video with social network style feeds, chat groups and forums.
This chat app is currently released only in China. Facebook does not have to worry about the flip chat in the near future. Lightweight applications are becoming increasingly popular in China. 11% Chinese consumers spend time on these apps. The tick tuck’s universal reputation also has surprised many people.

google play store app chromebook Free Download When Mark Zuckerberg questioned how strictly Facebook would clear its platform from terrorism-related content, he said that artificial intelligence would do all this.But the Chief of the Facebook AI signist Yan Lakon says that artificial intelligence, especially in live videos, will take many years to take screening work.

google play store app chromebook Free Download Last week, a Facebook event at the Facebook Ai Research Lab in Paris, Yan said that the use of Ai will take several years to monitor Facebook’s live video.
He said that it is far away from solving this problem.
Yan has been awarded a Turning Prize recently. Turning Prize is known as the Nobel Prize of Computing.

google play store app chromebook Free Download Live video is a major issue today. Last night, a terrorist in the Crystal Church staged a live stream during the attack on the Mosque. This live streaming has seen fewer than two people and then downloaded the internet.

google play store app chromebook Free Download Today the live trend is rising even during live videos.
Now artificial intelligence can deal with such content, but for this, first people will have to report it. There is currently no automated system that can be developed automatically.
Yen told in Paris that actual problem is lack of data training. He also thanked God that there are no such examples, in which one person is killing others.
One solution to this problem may be that artificial intelligence should be given training from the scenes of movies, but it will also be delivered to movies from movies and games on Facebook.

google play store app chromebook Free Download Companies like Facebook want to develop automated systems that support human moderator, but there are many problems in human modulation system.
The most common type of cancer in the world, lung cancer is the most known. This cancer takes about 17 million people every year. This number is more than the total number of people who died of breast, diarrhea, and cancer cancer. The biggest problem is that many cases only occur in the last stage of cancer, then the chances of success in the treatment were significantly reduced. Are there

google play store app chromebook Free Download Google can change this situation. Google wants to make predictions more cancerous and reach everyone’s reach.
Radiologists for lung cancer usually see hundreds of pictures of the same CT scan. This new AI model can predict Google’s lung cancer, and can also identify the disease tissues.

Such tissues are difficult to traditionally see.

google play store app chromebook Free Download The AAI also tracks the previous scans describing the growth rate in Dhakak Tourist.
Google has asked AI to analyze the 45,856 ct screen of the body to test this model. The 6 board of its results was divided against the results of certified radiologist. Google’s artificial intelligence in English compared to the radiologist Identified 5% of the cases of cancer. This also led to a reduction of 11% of the wrong diagnosis.
This model requires more experience and research before it comes to normal, but Google says its initial results are encouraged.

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