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google play store app download Both Wats app and Israeli software developer NSS and Group have confirmed that due to an error in Wats app calling, NSA and pgasus software can do software in hacker phones. This is not possible only on Android but also in iOS OS. This also affects the tool device when the phone call is undefined. This phone call does not appear in the login too.
After installation, using the mouse, camera, location and messaging information of the Pagasus phone.

google play store app download Hackers using this error could not be identified. It is estimated that they belong to the Middle East countries. This year’s failure has failed to target the famous people working for rights. Working for human rights also in the past The people and the Middle East’s ammunition intelligence agencies. The Voices apprehended US Department of Justice and Human Rights groups in respect. The Wats app itself is working to remove this error itself. Hope the company will soon overcome this problem.
In recent times, virtual assistant like Sri, Alexa and Google Assistants are becoming increasingly popular. Virtual assistant questions asked if voice commands are saved in the company’s server. If you want Google can keep track of voice commands’ records. Its method is very easy. Below we will tell you how to save voice commands using a web browser.

google play store app download You can do this by following these stats in the mobile browser that you want to do in mobile.
First visit the Google My Account page (click here).
Tap the three-line hamburger icon on the left side of the subway page and open the menu.Click on Control Controls.
Scroll down on Voice & Audio Activity.

google play store app download Here you will see a blue toggle. If this tool is on, turn it off.
By closing it, you will be warned in the popup message that there may be serious consequences for doing so, such as Google Assistants will not be able to identify you. You can still re-turn it off.
If you want to turn it on again, then you can turn toggles on the same way.
If you remember that when the man stepped on the moon for the first time in the summer of 1969, you were saying what you were and what you were doing.
The space agency is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 earthquake on July 20. It wants to record NASA’s response to its preparation. It is obvious that these people will be able to record the same people who had an understanding of 1969.

google play store app download NASA will share all this recording with your social media accounts.
The memories of people directly related to the Apollo 11 mission have already been recorded. NASA has a large collection of interviews of such people. There are 106 pages of an interview by Neil Armstrong. Vanessa has started a new project for those who were not directly related to this mission, but these days The people were watching this event like humans.

google play store app download NASA says 530 million people saw the scene of human being. Some of them will be very small to remember something and have died in many five decades. Many people will remember that incident.
If you have to record your memories about NASA’s Apollo 11 mission then click here to start the instructions and start recording the questions with the smartphone. Then record your name and address with the address to
Japan’s next-generation built-in train has started the Alpha-X experiments. These trains are making Kawasaki heavy industry and hitachi joint. This train will be traveling 400 kms

google play store app download per hour or 248 miles per hour. However, when it is normalized for the public in 2030, its speed will be 360 ​​kms per hour or 224 miles per hour. This train will have its experiences for the years before the launch of the public.
It will be run between Omori and Sandy in the night.
The train has 72 feet long aerial nose in order to speed up the speed. It will reduce the pressure on the train and noise noise. A 52-foot aerospace nose will be checked in this train. This train terrace has air-conditioned and magnetic plates.

google play store app download When the Alpha X launches in 2030, it will be the fastest train, but it will not be the fastest train overall.

google play store app download The highest speed train is near Shanghai’s Maggio train. Its maximum speed is 431 km / h or 268 miles per hour. According to the Burmarg report, Japan will also launch a Maggio train between Tokyo and Nagoya in 2027. , Which can be the maximum speed of 505 kilometers per hour or 314 miles per hour.
Before launching a new train in 2030, the Japanese 2020 Tokyo Olympics wants to launch the current version of the current conchassin built-in train. This train will travel at 186 miles per hour.

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