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google play store app for pc Free Download

google play store app for pc Free Download Several bombings in hotels and churches in Sri Lanka killed 200 people and injured more than 450. After this attack, the Sri Lankan government has banned access to many social media sites as well as implementing cafes across the country. According to the local media, the restrictions on access to social media sites include Facebook, Wats app and YouTube.
Apart from this, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Viber are also prohibited.
Presidential advisor Hirindra Dasanyana told the New York Times that this is a single-step decision. Its aim is to stop the misleading information, hate speech and the spread of violence after the explosion. It was not apparently clear when the ban would be raised.

google play store app for pc Free Download In order to prevent the spread of misleading information, government measures, as well as social media platforms are also trying hard.
The Whats app has limited to just 5 contacts to Messaging Info. Wats app also shows Ford’s written with Messaging forward so that consumers know that the sender does not write himself. The Wats app is also working on an instant, which will also find the number of messages forward forward.

google play store app for pc Free Download Not only China is a country that wants to stop anonymity on the internet. The Austrian government wants to pass a law which must display its original identity for the users on the internet. Users can have their own semi-committees on the social media site, but law enforcement agencies can find them if the users are violating the law.According to the law, which companies will not make sure to implement the law, they will be fined 5 million euros or $ 62,000. Even if the company did not do so after paying a penalty, then they would be fined again.

google play store app for pc Free Download This law will apply only on sites where registered users will be more than one million, whose annual income will be more than 5 million euros or they will get press subsidies more than 50,000 euros.This law will not apply to websites that e-commerce sites and advertisements do not make money with their content. If this law passed and the EU approved it, it would apply to 2020.

google play store app for pc Free Download There are also many reservations regarding this law. In this law apparently, a premium or low-end consumer site has been discarded that they should first take a look at their customers, but it will benefit from such small Internet communities that are spreading hate content and They are not even earning it. It is likely that the European Union will also oppose this law because it will affect the European companies too much.
LG has requested to acquire a smartphone rights. The diagrams associated with this dilemma shows that this cell phone will have three cell phone cameras. LG has submitted this application to the World Intellectual Property Office.

google play store app for pc Free Download Diagrams show that all three cell phone cameras will be installed in a hatch cluster above the phone display. Separate work of the three cameras was not described in the application, but it is estimated that one of these standard lenses, the second ultra wide and the third, would be a TF censor.
The TOF censor can not be finalized yet, but due to the presence of TOS censor in LGG8, it is estimated that the third camera will also be in the new device.

google play store app for pc Free Download The design of diagrams looks like the phone may be LGV 50 successor. LGV 50 was presented in the Mobile World Congress a few months ago. The reverse side of this phone is exactly like LGV 50.The overall design of this is the same as LG’s current flagship.
This phone is a special button for separate cameras and Google Assistants. Power button and SIM / micro SD card tray on the right. This phone’s top is also empty like LGG8 and

google play store app for pc Free Download V.40. Apparently, in the new device, the triple cellular camera will be the most important feature. Another important difference is not to be headphones jack.
Apple’s IOS 13 will have many major changes. This will include dark mode, undo gestures and iPod features such as multiply window apps etc. for the complete system. Now news has been revealed that Apple Finds My iPhone and Find My Friends apps working together in a single app. This new app is currently named the Green Torch code.
The new tracking application from the new Universal framework will be presented in both IOS and Mac OS versions.

google play store app for pc Free Download Apple is planning to include Find Network features for offline tracking. This feature will work when device is not connected to WiFi or cellular network.
It also has a feature notification. When a friend or relative comes to a particular place, then consumers will receive notification about it.
Apple is working on a hardworking tracking product on the NFC tag. It can be extracted from anything or devices. This will be associated with the users’ iCloud account. This tag will be shared with the locals and relatives of this tag.

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