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google play store app Free Download ZZE introduced Entry Level Blade A7 earlier this month. Now the company has added ZTE TO BLADE A5 (2019) to this lineup. The satellite display of this phone display is 18: 9. The appropriate price is this octa-core processor.

Blade A5 (2019) has 5.45 inches HD Plus screen. The phone has a 8-megapixel cell phone with F / 2.4 upscreen. There is a 13-megapixel f / 2.0 camera with a LED flash on the phone’s back.

google play store app Free Download This phone has Unisoc SC9863A Chip Set, 2GB Remote and 16 GB Storage. Storage can also be extended from micro SD card.
This phone has a 2600 mhh battery, which can be charged with microsoft. This phone also has 3.5mm headphones jack.
Blade A5 (2019) is installed with the Android® MiFavor 9.0 UI scan with Android 9.0. This phone is available in blue and black colors in Russia. Russia will start the price of 6490 rubles or $ 100.

google play store app Free Download The duplicate video can be created with the help of many images of any person with artificial intelligence in DeepFack. Such fake video can be shown to do something that can not be imagined in the dream of “Sahi Photo” or “Sahibiya Photo”. But Sam has made this technology extremely dangerous. The DeepFake Video can now be created with just one image.
This photo can be taken from profile photos on social media. This technology is set up in Russia by Samaji Ai Lab. Samangan Ai Lab has taken the picture of Mona Lisa into real video. In which Mana Lisa is shaking her head, she is blinking and moving the neck. Apart from this, Sam has just made a video of many celebrities from a fantasy.

google play store app Free Download Samsung has named this technology realistic neural talking heads. Previously, this type of Deep-Fake Video is made of celebrities. Due to the availability of infinite images of celebrities, it was easy to make their fake video, but now new technology can take fake video by taking only one picture of any person. With this technology, blackmailers and criminal minds can make fake videos from anyone with social media as well as profile photos.

google play store app Free Download There are currently many tricks in this technology. After watching the video made from this technology, it becomes known that they are counterfeit, but soon these defects will be removed. This system will gradually remove all of these errors from learning. After which there may be a flood of fake videos on the internet.

google play store app Free Download Helt Packard separated from Hewlett Packard in Enterprise 2015 as a new company. Helt Packard Enterprise has recently purchased a super-computer computing company. This purchase has been $ 1.3 billion.
He was founded in 1972 by Baba Super Computing, Seoul. The company still has contractors to manufacture two super-computer computers.
This supercomputer is designed for two US Department of Energy Labs, a member of the National Laboratories and Arguni National Laboratory. One of these super computers has been named Frontier, being built in the partnership with AMD, while others are named Arora and are being made in the partnership of Inal. This super computer will perform 1.5 ugzas flips or ten quintillion calculation per second.

google play store app Free Download Such aegas scale super computers do not exist yet. Purchase of tax feels that Hewlett Packard Enterprise or HPE Ezekiel wants to stabilize the space for the scale market.
At the moment IBM is the world’s two fastest super-computer creators. One of these is super computer name Summit and Sierra.
Eagazine Scale Super Computers can be especially beneficial in Space Research, Meteorological Sciences, Medicine, Neuroscience and Physics. These can also be used in artificial intelligence research.

google play store app Free Download At present, America, China, Japan and many other countries are engaged in the race for making Egiza Scale super computers. Hope this race will win in China 2020.
Huawei has earned quite a lot of name in mobile photography. Huawei’s sub-brand is not behind anyone again. In the newly introduced company’s Honor 20, a unique exclusive macro camera and the enormous 20 pro models included the most bright uprising in the model. Has been doneHonor 20 Pro

google play store app Free Download Honor 20 Pro’s main camera has been presented with the fastest f / 1.4 highlight of so far.
It provides 60 megapixel Sony IMX 586 censor (1/2 “, 0.8╬╝m pixels) to 60% more light than f / 1.8 inches. This camera has optical and electronic image sterilization.
Pro version is a 8-megapixel telephoto camera with a 3-inch optical and 5-fold high-grade zoom (up to 30kg zoom).This is the OIS camera. There is also a sophisticated macro camera to make pictures of nearby things.

google play store app Free Download This 2-megapixel camera is meant to make pictures of just 4 cm or 1.5 inches wide. This phone has a 16-megapixel ultra-angle camera, whose field of view is 117 degrees.
The front of this phone is a 32-megapixel camera. This camera is in the 6th-inch display punch hole. The phone LCD LD display resolution is 1080p + and the split reset is 19.5: 9. The finger print reader is installed on the phone’s side.
Phone Front Camera also supports support.
Kirin 980 Chip Set, 8 GB in Honor 20 Pro

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