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google play store app Free Download Moses has officially issued his flagship phone. The key features of the phone are dual camera setup with Sniper Dragon 855 processor and audiences.
In the 16SS 6.2-inch full HD Plus is a super-embedded screen, which also has underscored fingerprint scanners. Majesty has partnered with Samsung for supplying high quality phone phones.
Samsung has tried to minimize consumer’s eyes from this display. The company claims that the new light filter has filtered blue light up to 33 percent. In this, DC Dame Support does not burden your eyes. This phone screen reset is also very impressive – 91.53%.

google play store app Free Download The phone has a 20-megapixel cellular camera with HDR Plus support and much better portrait mode.The 48MP f / 1.7 OIS is the main censor with Quad Bayer Structures on the phone’s back. The Century camera is 20MP f / 2.6 wide angle. In this phone, Mozilla has added a new Night mode called Super Night View. In this camera setup integrates them into one by taking 8 pictures together. The company has promised that new camera features will be released for old models in case of software updates.

google play store app Free Download Snap dragon 855 chip set with 6 or 8 gddd 4x rim and 128 or 256 GB internal storage. The phone has 3600 mhh battery. Due to 24W mCharger the phone can charge 0 to 60 percent in just 30 minutes. Due to AI Optimization, consumers can play it for 6 hours gaming and video streaming for 14 hours.
Android is installed Android android based Flyme.
Other features include dual frequency GPS, Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC.

google play store app Free Download This game for gaming has hyper gaming mode that increases graphics performances using low power. For the better experience during gaming, the company has incorporated the MEngine 3.0 Visionation Motor.
The 16S carbon will be presented in black, pearl white and panty blue colors. The phone’s 6GB / 128GB model cost 3198 yuan or 475 dollars, the price of 8 GB / 128GB model is 3498 yuan or 520 dollars and 8GB / 256 GB models worth $ 3998 yuan or $ 595. . Phone pre-order has begun, while its formal sales start from April 28.

google play store app Free Download Lenovo has finally introduced its new flagship zd6 program. Earlier, many leaks, misleading gun-offs and tears came in front of this phone. Lenovo has presented this phone with 4 cameras, snap dragon 855 chip sets and fast charging support.
This phone’s screen is 6.39 inch super amplified. There is a small waterproof on the top of the screen. The fingerprint scanner has been included in phone display and the bassel is also very thin.

google play store app Free Download The phone has 6 GB / 8GB Rim and 128 GB internal storage with chromelom chip set. A version of ZD6 Pro is presented with 12 GB Rim and 512 GB internal storage.
4 cameras are mounted vertical on the back of the phone. The first of these cameras is 16 megapixel wide angle.It has a 48-megapixel camera, with f / 1.8 inches below. The third camera is 8 megapixels telephoto.

google play store app Free Download The fourth camera is installed separately, which is 2 megapixel and is to improve the video. The phone’s cell phone is 32 megapixel, which is installed in its cell phone. There is also Liquid Cooling in the phone, 4000mHH battery and 27W fast charging.
It also has many other features such as AI photos, HyperVideo and all video modes such as Super Night Cannes, Super Macros, Super Wide Angle etc.

google play store app Free Download  This phone is presented in red and green. Its 6 GB / 128 GB version cost 2899 yuan or 430 dollars or 385 euros, 8GB / 128GB price of 2999 yuan or 450 dollars or 400 euros and 12 GB / 512 GB version There is 4799 yuan or $ 715 or 635 euros.
The sale of this phone will start from April 29. It will be available on Lenovo’s own store, T-Mall and

google play store app Free Download An 18-year-old teenager from New York filed a case against Apple for $ 1 billion. Osman Baheh, the young man, believes that the New York Police Department had arrested him on November 29 by Apple’s face analysis (Faisal Recognition) system. It was not Apple’s Boston, New Jersey, Delaware and Manhattan. I was arrested by theft in the store.
Apparently it seems that the original thief used a stolen ID containing Omsen’s names, addresses, and other information. Thalen did not have an image on the ID. Bassman adopted the stand in the case that Apple’s face-to-face on its stores The system has been installed, which linked their information to the thief format.

google play store app Free Download A Detective watches the store’s CCTV footage after the Osmine arrest, and it is estimated that there is a huge difference in the shape of thieves and osmes.

google play store app Free Download Also when Boston’s worth worth $ 1200 was stolen, Osmanine was in senior prom in Manhattan.
According to the New York Post, the trial has been adopted that an Orwellian type software is used to monitor theft suspects in the Apple Store. Many people believe that such software is scanned by their software.

google play store app Free Download Apple’s spokesperson has answered that he does not use face-to-face features or systems in his store.

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