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google play store app Free Download Today’s mail is 15 years old. On its 15th birthday, there are some improvements in the Google SmartCompositions feature and have also provided Schedule Email options to users.
Google introduced the SmartComposition feature in May 2018. This feature suggests complete phrase or word before the Gmail phrase is completed. Google now says that this feature will be able to learn the style of writing of the user accordingly accordingly.

google play store app Free Download This means that the Gmail SmartComposer will now remember that you use words while greeting with friends, after which you will be suggested by these words. In addition to this, the SmartCommerce article According to the proposal. Google says SmartComposs protect users from writing 1 billion characters each week.

google play store app Free Download This feature has been released for Web and Android devices.

google play store app Free Download Soon it will be released for IOS users.
Google also introduced the feature messaging feature in Gmail. Click on the arrow arrow with the Send button, composer window will bring this schedule feature forward. Here users can choose from the existing time, such as “tomorrow morning” or a specific time.
This could enable users to schedule email with third party extensions. Adding this feature directly to Gmail will make users easier now.

google play store app Free Download The Pakistani military’s public relations, ISPR, has released the first video game about the operation of Pak Army.
The game, the evil, naval and air force, combined with the modern weapons and helicopters, has been shown in this game called Glorious Resell, Army Game, Peace. The player playing the game feels he is participating in operations including Pakistan Army.

google play store app Free Download DG ISPR Major General Asf Ghafoor tweeted the game link on Twitter, saying that through this game you will find out about fighting your soldiers.
Click here to download this game with the Google Play Store.
Click here to download this game from Apple App Store.
InstaGram is now preparing to introduce the FastWord feature for videos on your platform.

google play store app Free Download This feature should have arrived in the instagram long ago. This feature will show a second overview of users watching the feed feed, which allows users to forward or back the video.
The discovery of this experimental feature, Jane Munichon Wong, explains the application that users will be able to back or forward the video without seeing again from the start.

google play store app Free Download This feature has been introduced for videos posted on IGTV, but this feature was not available for users watching the feed feed.
It is not yet known that when this feature will be released for all users. Hopefully this feature will be available to all users in the next few weeks.
Google is making it easy for consumers to take a clear picture of the receipts and papers.

google play store app Free Download Google introduced the Artificial Intelligence Action feature last year, which used to rotate the picture automatically. This week the company introduced a new crack and adjustment function for printed and more textile pages.
This feature is just like other suggested recommendations in Google Photos.

google play store app Free Download If you make an image of any invoice or a paper, Google Photos will identify it as a paper or a receipt and will provide a choice of chrome and adjust. This option will open a new interface that will automatically remove backgrounds from paper, clarify the edges and enable it to read.

google play store app Free Download Before this, such feature has been viewed in the Microsoft Office lens, but it will be more useful in Google Photos.
The Corp and Adjustment has been released this week for Android devices.
Apple recently introduced the texture. Apple users could read magazines from this service. For this same time, Apple has introduced an application called News Plus. In this case the application for Apple is an extra burden. That’s why Apple now is getting rid of her. The users of the texture are being informed that their service will be closed May 28.

google play store app Free Download Also trying to bring Apple Texture users to newsletters. In this regard Apple users are also giving a free trial of News Plus a month.
There is also a great deal of time to move to the consumer news newsletters. Apple had also supported support for Android and Windows when Apple had shut down the music.

google play store app Free Download Now Apple did not introduce any support for Android and Windows phones.The users of the texture will need IOS or Mac device to move to News Plus. That is, users will have to move Apple’s platform to IOS or Mac to use only one application.
Some users of the texture are also moving to other services such as scrawd, but there is no selection on the scrab that Apple is offering.

google play store app Free Download Apple usually offers its products for more people. Apple iPod is also available for Android, Windows and third-party smart speakers. Although the Apple TV app is also available for various smart TVs and anti-platforms such as Fire TV and Rooco Player. Contrary to this, Apple Apple Plus Plus does not want to present on other platforms.

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