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google play store app Free Download If you find a specific animal on Google, you can surprise yourself by showing this animal from Firefox Realty in your results. Google has released new cards for search. This card shows the real world viewers But for this you have to enable Firefox to be enabled in the phone.
According to the report, the feature now shows Alpine Bakers, a few special fishes, bears, penguins, European bars, lions, tires and wild sheep.
In addition, this feature also shows dogs and calls.

google play store app Free Download  When you search for one of these animals, along with the animal’s picture card and a mess meet a life-sized [animal] up close.
From this feature you can see the animal in your room too. This means that the animals you are looking for will appear in your room’s background in the cell phone. You can also move them and reduce their size. Apart from this, you can also enjoy proper vision and sound effects. Google is working with NASA, Samsung and Valvoor companies, so that more cards can be introduced for future search.

google play store app Free Download  The Trump Administration has enacted a new policy, which will provide visa application applicants with details about their social media accounts.
State Department spokesperson has confirmed that the applicants will have to apply a new form in the new form, which will explain their accounts.
The spokesperson said that the United States will have to enter the details of the accounts by applying the State Department to temporary and permanent travelers.

google play store app Free Download  While applying the form in the application, the applicants will have to choose social media accounts from a dropdown menu or tell them that they do not use social media. After that, the State Department will screen the details.
The US State Department criticized the proposal to take details of social media accounts as per the visa form last year, saying that they would follow this proposal. The US Visa applicants used social media accounts used in the past five years. The details will be given. Now under this system, some big social media services are going to accounts, they will soon be further enhanced.

google play store app Free Download A new law has been passed in British Columbia, aimed at preventing the manufacture and sale of fuel burning cars. This legislation in the province of Canada is considered to be the most stringent legislation in North America. Has been
According to this law, 10 percent of cars sold till 2025 will be the zero emission, and sales of 20 liters of fuel burnt and trucks will be banned.
Zero emission cars include electric cars, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell models.
This law has been called the Zero Emission Vehicle Act. It is criticized too much. The critics on this law say that if the sale of fuel burning cars in British Columbia is banned, then the province Residents will buy a car from the neighboring province of Alberta.
There is also a credit system for car makers in this law, according to which if the carpenter company does not want to make or make zero-digit cars, give extra money to help improve the environment.

google play store app Free Download  At present, only 6 percent of the sales sold in British Columbia are zero operations.
Microsoft told about a major security failure in Windows early this month. This infectious computer can spread freight to each other. Due to such an error, WannaCry Malware was spread in 2017, which influenced millions of computers.
Although Microsoft has also released a patch for it. This patch has also been released for older servers and windows XP machines.
The recent report showed that despite issuing patches, one million computers that are connected to the Internet can be affected by attacks.
Simon Pope, director of the Executive Director of Microsoft’s Security Recorder, warned that Microsoft is confident of the presence of this error.
He said that for this error, two weeks have been released, but that does not mean we are in danger.

google play store app Free Download Simon further said that before the WannaCry came in front, the patches had been released for the EternalBlue error, but many computers were affected by it. The Toronto Blue Error was leaked in the public, hackers Create independent goods. This new BlueKeep error has not yet appeared in public.
The new error occurred in remote desktop services in Windows XP, Windows 7 and Server versions such as Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2008. This operating system is still being used in many computers. Microsoft The system administrator has advised to update your systems as soon as possible.

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