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google play store app install Free Download People like stock endorsed for the reason that they do not have a callout. The other side of the picture is that it also does not have many important features. To meet this company, phone makers make their own movies. Many years later, important features make place in Android too. For example, Multi Window Multi Tasking feature was introduced in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in 2013.
This phone was Android and Jelly Bean installed. In 2016, this feature was added to Android.

google play store app install Free Download Now the next number is scrolling screen shots. VP Dave Berkeley of Engineering for Andrew in Google has promised in a tweet that the Scrolling Screen shot feature plans to be included in Andrew R. This is a version of the Scrolling Screen shot feature. Android will come in the fall.
Scheduling screen shot features a custom scan for a long time. It can be used in the mobile phones of Shomi, Huawei and Samsung. It will be used without Android users in Android.
How much data is available by technology companies, it is no longer hidden. There is no news about this day on this day.
In I / O 2019, Google had told how they are trying to organize data and show users a place. But the CNBC report has found a page in Google, which is not easy to access.

google play store app install Free Download This page has been purchased as a Purchases label. This page is available at There is a record of all your past purchases. Google collects records from your receipt of emails by scanning your Gmail Inbox.
In the statement given to CNBC, Google said that consumer purchase data can not be seen by anyone except those users.Google also told that consumers can delete the record whenever they want.
This purchase record in Google has all the details written in detail.

google play store app install Free Download Although Google has given an option to delete the record with the purchase record, it is not so easy to delete it. Clicking a Remove Purchase button shows a popup message.
In this popup message a button would be a candle and another video mail. To delete a purchase record, you must first click the Wave Mail button. By clicking on this button, the email will open in Gmail, which will be the purchase invoice. After delaying this email, you will be able to delete the purchase record. Google says users can stop tracking such but no information or link exists on the purchase page.

google play store app install Free Download Asus Zen iPhone 6 has been designed to provide the best harder phone to users in the 500 euro phone. The company has achieved its goal very much.
Asus Zen phone 6 or ZS630KL width is 75mm. Phone or display size is 6.4 inches. This is quite good due to lack of flexibility or patches in the display.
The front camera becomes rotated by the phone’s rear camera.
This camera setup contains 48MP Sony IMX586 (0.9μm pixels, f / 1.8 aperture) and 13 MP 125 ° ultra-wide analog cameras.
It can record 4K videos at 60fps with electronic image sterilization in camera remedies and cellular mode. Camera’s rotating mechanisms may be used to track auto panoramas or something in the frame for motion tracking.

google play store app install Free Download To improve the quality of the image, Asos has also produced HDR + Enhanced and Night Mode.This phone has a 6.4 inch IPSLCD display that covers 92% from front. Its maximum luminous nose can be 600 nits and it also supports DCI-P3.
The front of this phone is the gorilla glass 6 and the corning glass on the back, while the middle frame is 6000 series made of aluminum.

google play store app install Free Download Gorilla Glass 6 can save the phone even after falling several times. The phone’s flip is made of the camera leaked metal, which is light but stainless steel than stainless steel.
Flip camera closes on the phone’s fall. Asus has tested the Philip camera up to 1 million Philips – users can take up to 28 times a day for 5 years.
Asus used traditional scanners on the back instead of using the under-display fingerprint reader in this phone. Snoop Dragon 855 Chip Set, 8GB Remote and 256GB UFS 2.1 Storage in Asus Zen Phone 6. Dual SIM and Microwave D card can be used simultaneously in this phone.

google play store app install Free Download Asus did not offer this phone’s ZZ model this year. This phone has dual amplifier fire. This is a Hi-Res Audio Certified. Asus has presented ZenEar headphones with the phone, this headphone is also a high resolution certified. The phone also has 3.5mm audio jack for headphones. If you want to use a wireless headphone, you can enjoy aptX HD sound quality.

google play store app install Free Download After the positive feedback of the Max Series, the company has used a large battery of 5,000 MAHs in Asus Zen phone 6. It is charged at 18W. Android 9 pie-based ZenUI 6 is installed in the phone. Upon the release of Android 10 counts, it will be upgraded to the new OS on priority basis. For security reasons, this security will be issued on monthly basis for two years.
Asus Zen phone 6 will first be launched in the EU. It will cost 500 euros. Zen Phones 5Z was launched earlier this year. This phone is of Asos

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