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google play store my app Free Download Last month it was reported that Microsoft android phones are experiencing a screen mirroring experience on Windows 10 PC. This feature allows WiFi or Bluetooth to be featured android apps on your PC using the feature. This function of the maraging apps was available only for a few devices. It was available for devices which included Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S. 9 and Samsung Galaxy S. 9 Plus.

google play store my app Free Download Microsoft had said that soon they would issue support for marine apps for more devices soon. Microsoft has fulfilled its promise.
Your Phone Companion app needs to be installed in your mobile phone to use this feature.
Microsoft says the support of the new smartphones have been added, including One Plus 6, One Plus 6, Samsung Galaxy S10E, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy Note 8 and

google play store my app Free Download Galaxy Note 9. Are thereIn addition to providing marranging features for smartphones, users with Android and Android smartphones, your Phone Companion app, can get texts, documents, and photos on PC from their phone. And now this app will show users the phone in their PC on real-time notification. Microsoft says 19h1 builders will soon receive a parody, on which they

google play store my app Free Download will be able to get mobile notification on PC from their phone.
Users can decide on what software they notice on the computer screen. If you remove any notification from the computer, it will disappear from your mobile phone too.
These new features will be available soon in Your Phone Companion app.
To see the notification of the phone on Windows PC, your Android device has Android or

google play store my app Free Download Android version, 1GB Remote and Windows 10 PC in the form of 1803 (RS4) blood or newer.
If the feature is discharged due to the work policy on the computer, this feature will not work.
Click here to install your Phone Companion application.
These days smartphone companies are offering better harder smartphones at low cost. The UZD seems to have decided to leave everyone in a better harder. ZZE introduced the

google play store my app Free Download Nubia Red Magic 3 smartphone with great hardware.
This new gaming device has flagship chip set, 12 GB remote, large capacity battery, two types of internal cooling, 8K and 1920 fps slow-mo video recording.

google play store my app Free Download Nubia Red Magic 3 has many impressive features. It has 6.65-inch amplified display. Its display refresh rate is 90 Hz and Touch Refresh Rate 240 Hz. In the phone, both sides have a speaker for stereo sound and it has 4D Customomable Wifi.ZZE has installed only one camera on the back of the phone. This can be due to the fact that the phone is for gaming and Gamers do not take much interest in photography, yes a recording of video recording is one of the biggest feature 8K video recording and can shoot video for 1920 frames per second. Is.

google play store my app Free Download This MP4 is 48 MP IMX586 censor with f / 1.7 lanes.
Features for gaming in the phone have been added, it has second generation ICE leuked cooling and a genuine wing, which keeps the temperature of the phone up to 16 degrees centimeters. According to the company, the phone cooling factor provides heat distribution up to 500% and cover 32,000 square mm.

google play store my app Free Download In the upper right corner of the phone’s cooling grid, there is an action button. It works as an extra during the gaming. The diamond format is a fingerprint scanner on the phone’s back.
Being a gaming phone, there is a 5,000 MAh battery with Noble Red Magic 3 with 27W fast charging. It also supports battery power delivery.
The black 6 GB / 64GB version of this phone’s price is 2899 yuan or $ 430 e855, the phone’s 6GB / 128GB version of 3199 yuan or 475 dollars or 425 euros, black or red 8GB / 128GB version cost 3499 yuan or 520 dollars or 470 euros and 12 gb / 256 GB models are 4299 yuan or 640 dollars or 575 euros.

google play store my app Free Download The United States’s largest military base in Fort Burg, North Carolina, has released a complaint last week. The American army kept twenty-five power off for more than 12 hours, aimed at assessing the reaction of cyber attacks. Due to lack of prior notice of electricity, enough conflicts spread in the twenty-two people.
Military officials told Charlotte Observer that the purpose of this exercise was to identify the errors of our infrastructure, operations and security.

google play store my app Free Download The practice was not announced for the first time, so that the real reaction of everyone on the military base could be known.
The power base of this military base was closed at 10:00 pm and it was restored Thursday afternoon.

google play store my app Free Download Those who lived in this military base told them that they had to face Facebook and Twitter as well as the closure of traffic lights by going to electricity.
The military officials, while apologizing on the Facebook page, said that doing so was important to perform a necessary test.

google play store my app Free Download Its aim was to review the preparation of such situation in real life. Military officials said their goals have been achieved and everything has been routine.
In recent years, authorities are very concerned about cyber attacks on Power Grid and Infrastructure.

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