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jio play store app Free Download A company named Innosaem has recently introduced its conceptual smartphone, which is in the initial stages of development. The feature of this phone is that it will also be foldable and flexible. It will be so flexible that the size of its screen will be enhanced too. The company claims that they will soon give this phone the concept of reality.
The South Korea company, Anosimm, has filed its own rights-ownership application in its own country so that the phone can be given the truth.

jio play store app Free Download If this phone is set to fact, future folded mobile phones will be used to open them with a larger screen. So once you open the folded mobile phone, its screen will grow bigger and the second time it will be further expanded.The company says that the phone will be 5 inches when it is folded. When the phone is opened, its screen will be up to 6.5 inches while it can be dragged to display 8.9 inches.
If the company succeeded in making this phone, then people will be interested in it. They would like to buy an essential phone that is in 5 pcs, but can extend its size to 8.9 inches.

jio play store app Free Download Bio engineers have stepped closer to the AIDS and Tucosa’s Thy D Print. A team in Rice University and the University of Washington headed by a team that has a tall development that can print trials to complex complications of the veins. The natural path of the human body’s blood, during the period of thorn-printed veins. , Lymph and fluids are copied.

jio play store app Free Download All these things are necessary in the preparation of artificial organs.
It has been difficult for many decades to duplicate human tissue, how to cure nutrition and air in human tissue and how to remove untold ingredients. It works like veins in our body. However, it is very difficult to manufacture soft artificial materials.The new tool has to overcome these difficulties.

jio play store app Free Download In this, thin layers of leyid pre-hydrogen solution are printed. Then it becomes tough when it is done in front of the blue light. Scientists are able to print the drainage of human body veins.
Scientific pulses have rely on other open source projects for the preparation of this tool. These researches have been published in this week’s “Science” journal. Scientific data experimental data has been free and open for public use. Scientists say they will soon be able to print human rights.

jio play store app Free Download Do you watch videos on YouTube? You are not alone 2 billion users log in to watch the world every month on the world’s largest video site. It was 1.8 billion last year.
YouTube’s CEO Susan Vyachesky says that about 250 million hours YouTube videos on Heroes TV screen are seen. Last year it was 180 million hours. It has also been heard that YouTube is engaged in a secret project with Justin Bieber.

jio play store app Free Download YouTube also held a summit in New York yesterday. The name of this Summit was Brandcast. YouTube has announced that they are doing a project with Justin Bieber. YouTube is making something compatible with Justin Bieber, but he has declared it very secretive.
Justin Bieber is the most follow-up artist on YouTube. Their subscriber is 44.5 million and their channel has 19 billion waves.
It is expected that all the details of this project will be completed before 2020.
If you feel that your Google Data History can sometimes cause trouble for you, you do not have to worry now. You will be glad to hear that your Google Data History will be automatically delivered. Google is introducing auto-delite control for your activity data and locality history.

jio play store app Free Download Which will automatically delete your Google Data History every three months or a half years. Users can restore menu delite function if they want.
In the coming few weeks, you will see a new option for it. Google can further improve this feature. Whenever this feature comes, it makes it serious about Google’s privacy.
Google is ending its playlist music form for YouTube music. Google introduced feature music files to play music on mobile music for Android users. It seems YouTube Music will soon be YouTube’s only music application.

jio play store app Free Download According to reports, Local Music Integration has been added to YouTube music.
This feature has been included in the Library tab. From this feature, users can play secure files in mobile’s internal storage and SD card.
Earlier in Google’s update the music file opened on the phone, it could be playback in Google’s new Music Streaming app, but this app did not have built-in Local Content Browser. The latest update can be played by local music on YouTube.

jio play store app Free Download When launching a Local Content Browser on YouTube, it displays a message, which is said that these songs can be played themselves, but they can not be included in playlist or series list with YouTube music songs. They can not be cast on other devices too.
These restrictions seem to be very strange but Google may also end them in the future.
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