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new play store app download Face-shaped teens are being used by the Chinese government to monitor the activities of 12 million Ogur Muslims living in Xinjiang province. Chinese government is being criticized too much. Victor Gover, co-founder of an open-ended non-profit group, has called “Muslim Tracker” such use of face-shaped technology.

new play store app download The United States Board Board of Supervisors also voted on Stop Secret Surveillance Ordinance on Tuesday with many other tips on tracking face-shaped technology. It has already introduced the District 3 Supervisor Aron Prosecutor. This Ordinance states that the number of departments of the city want to collect biometric data, limit the boundaries and how to use it, and ensure its transparency.These restrictions are the same as the second county of the other counties such as

new play store app download Auckland and Santa Clara, but the use of face-shaped technology has been banned by the local governments in front of them in the SSSO. Once this Ordinance is passed, San Francisco will become the first city of the United States, which has banned the use of this technology technology.Any Department of San Francisco would like to send a review of the first ordinance and technology report to the Board of Superior Wisdom if any such technology wants to be used.

new play store app download The former operating system in San Francisco, such as San Francisco, will be working on the camera cam body or city shooter ShotSpotter, but they will also have an annual audit.In recent days, using face-to-face technology is vast enough despite mistakes. In a George Town University study in 2016, it was found that most of the American adult police photos have appeared in the database using this technology. In 2018, ACL had revealed that the Amazon’s Face Shoe System identified 28 members of Congress as criminals.

new play store app download The majority of these members were non-white.
Facebook is taking several steps to prevent data from being leaked on your platform. In this regard, Facebook has restricted security quiz. The Facebook Director of Product Management Eddy Neil told in a blog post that they will no longer allow privacy quizz to improve the security.

new play store app download Facebook also told that they are ending access to many old API developers from April 30 to April.
At the same time, users will also have restrictions on getting data from apps that do not improve the user’s experience in the app. FPS says that if a user does not use an app for 90 days, the Facebook app The user will not give access to the user’s data.

new play store app download Security-related Facebook has taken this step nearly a year after the British political advisory firm, Cambridge Anatetica’s scandal.Cambridge Anatetica had access to personal data without the permission of 87 million users, for which he used a similar type of Quiz app, thisisyourdigitallife. This app was developed by Professor Alexander Sogan of University of Cambridge. . The payment for this was by Cambridge Antalya. The 10 European Digital Life (thisisyourdigitallife) goal was to create a voter profile for the trump campaign in the US election by 2016 to collect user data.
new play store app download Consumer trust was raised by consumers in front of this section. Last year, a report from the Pew Research Center has been informed that 54% of the adult Americans had changed their privacy settings on facebook after this session.
The ban on security quiz by Facebook is not such a big step to restore trust on users’ Facebook.

new play store app download According to the National Security Agency, their public monitoring program has no longer been done. According to Wall Street Journal reports, the source-related sources say that this program has become a major burden on the NSA.
The NSA launched a surveillance of US citizens after the September 11, 2001 attacks. For this, the NSA started recording billions of phone calls.
These measures allegedly had to address the terrorists’ contacts. However, in 2013,

new play store app download Edward Snowden, former intelligence consultant, leaked the details of the NSA program, after which Congress passed the US Freedom Act in 2015. After which the scope of this program was reduced and limited phone record was asked to keep phone companies.Earlier this year, National Security Advisor of the Republic of the Republic, Luke Murray, answered a question that NSA did not use this system for the past six months, due to technical and other reasons. It shows that senior Intelligence officials believe that the importance of NSA surveillance system is very limited.

new play store app download According to the report, it is now on the Tramp Administration that they renew or renew the program.
Facebook has faced many conflicts in recent months but its impact has not been bad enough to increase the revenue of Facebook. Now Facebook feels FTC can pay them heavily. If FTC has done this, then it will have a major impact on Facebook’s revenue.
Facebook’s first quarter of 2019

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