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new play store app Free Download Facebook has faced many conflicts in recent months but its impact has not been bad enough to increase the revenue of Facebook. Now Facebook feels FTC can pay them heavily. If FTC has done this, then it will have a major impact on Facebook’s revenue.

new play store app Free Download Facebook has released the first quarterly financial data of 2019. According to the report, the total income of Facebook was $ 15.1 billion in this quarter, which is 26% more than the same period last year.
Interestingly, Facebook’s estimate in its report is that they can get $ 3 to $ 5 billion by the Federal Trade Commission. The penalty may be due to the data sharing data by Facebook. As a result, the company has spent $ 3 billion in this quarter.

new play store app Free Download This reduced the net net profit by 51 percent compared to previous year.Washington Post reported in February that the Facebook FTC is negotiating with a reduction of $ 10 billion in FTC. If the Facebook FTC pays $ 3 to $ 5 billion, then it The FTC will be the biggest penalty by any technology company. Earlier, Google has paid a penalty of $ 22.5 million after investigating quota.

new play store app Free Download Facebook reports in its report that this problem is still solved.In its report, Facebook has reported that in the first quarter of 2019, the number of social activists of social media platforms remained 2.38 billion dollars. This is 8% higher than the same period last year. In the quarter, the number of daily active users has been 1.56 billion, which is 8% higher than the same period of 2018. Mark Zuckerberg says that this quarter has been quite good, it has increased business and community.

new play store app Free Download Facebook’s CFO David Winner on FTC’s heavy penalties says this matter has not yet been resolved, so the actual amount of payment is still uncertain.
Boostaler is a Web extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It has been designed to increase browsing speed by increasing its cache time. This extension can also be installed on other browsers based on Firefox or Chrome code.
Web browsers save many parts to local cache to improve any page loading time.

new play store app Free Download Loading page sections with local hard disk is faster than loading from a server. Sometimes web pages can be accessed from local cache due to temporary issues.
The Bostler extension data changes the cache control header of the data recovery, which preserves the resource cache for a long time. With this, the extension also ensures that the latest version of the site in the cache is available.

new play store app Free Download Bostler increases the local cache time of Web Resource, which increases the speed of web browsing. The performance of this extension depends largely on its use and the use of the site’s cache control header.
Click here to install this extension on Firefox.
Click here to install this extension on Chrome.
Newsletters two days ago about Oops 9. This phone has been launched today. This phone display is 6.53 inch full HD Plus. Phone display also has a switch and this phone’s screen towel is 90.7%.

new play store app Free Download The Opposition 9 has Helio P 70 SOC, 6GB Rim and 128 GB internal storage. Android-based-based cluster OS 6 is installed in the phone.Phone Meg for Photography is a 16-megapixel and a 2-megapixel dual camera setup and front-facing 16-megapixel camera.Fingerprint scanner is installed for biometric security on the back of the phone.
This phone is presented in three colors. It has a game boot 2.0 and 4020 mAh battery. This phone price is 1799 yuan or 267 dollars or 239 euros. Its sale in China will start from April 30.

new play store app Free Download According to the Cyber ​​Security and Policy Thinking of New Delhi’s Cyber ​​Peace Foundation, Facebook’s proprietary application has become the biggest source of spreading videos of sexually abused videos, including the India app. This foundation works for the Internet against crime and for welfare of consumers.
Although Facebook has tried a lot to prevent nervous content on its template forms, but results from the results in March show that hundreds of members of the videos contained videos of sexually abused videos in app groups. Are going

new play store app Free Download These groups have been identified by the third-party app search for public groups on the Wats app. Google has removed this third-party app from the Play Store, but its app or installation files are available on the Internet.CPF Project Manager and Cyber ​​Security Specialist, Nitish Chandan, found that members in groups are invited to join invoice links, then they are called to join more private groups through virtual numbers. So that no one can track them due to virtual numbers.

new play store app Free Download This is not the first time the VAT app is criticizing the spread of more than children. In December last year, a research conducted by tech was revealed in the third party applications that provides invoices of such groups through the Adult section where purchased images are sold and sold for children.
CPF now

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