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open google play store app Free Download At the beginning of the year, Sam Singh became the world’s largest chip maker, leaving behind the Atal. The more part of this success was of the memory division of Sam Singh. Today, Samsung has announced that they will invest $ 116 billion on non-memory chips by 2030.
This will depend on the company’s memory division significantly. The performance of the company’s memory division was not much better in the last quarter.

open google play store app Free Download Samsung says that more than half of the 116 billion dollars will be spent on research and development and to create 15,000 new job opportunities. Infrastructure will be prepared with the remaining amount.
The Samsung system LSI, which produces epinocus chips and modems, ISOCELL censors and many other devices, will get $ 9.5 billion a yearly upto 2030, with Samsung Founddown, where there is chip fibration.

open google play store app Free Download Samsung’s memory division generally earns more profits and it gets more funding from the company. As the performance of the memory division has decreased, so the company is investing in other fields, which The aim is to use new opportunities in the future.
On the other hand, it has also been removed from the Atal 5G Modem.
It’s being said about 5G modems of the Inlet that they will be provided for iPhones. Now it appears that Kolkata and Samsung will provide 5 G modems for iPhones.
In 2017, Sam Singh purchased Car Electronics’s biggest supplier company, Hermann.

open google play store app Free Download That is, Samsung will now provide hardware, camera and artificial intelligence harder for self-driving cars.
Samu Singh is competing with TSMC on Foundry Side. Business partnership of TSMC is with Crawl, Apple, AMD, NVIDIA and AirWave.
Money Maker is a device that helps to beat heart failure. The money maker has a censor that is constantly monitoring the heart beat. When a heart beat is disconnected, a glass maker regulates the wrinkle.
Current money maker can be installed in the body and it runs with batteries, but they do not always work best.
Their cord is too large and does not last longer.

open google play store app Free Download American and Chinese researchers have solved this problem in another way.He has made a grinder that runs with heartbeat, that does not require any battery. This grinder makes electricity with heart beat and it runs electricity grinding machine.
During this experiment, Experts tried on the pigs.

open google play store app Free Download These pigs had an inconvenience. According to experts, Money Maker worked perfectly and regularly made heartbeat.
Experts say that the device can make such a power that it can be used in humans too. Experts want to make more experience on it before managing it.
Instagram introduced a sticker in October 2017. From this feature, users can ask questions from their followers. Instagram has introduced a new Quiz sticker for users.
Instagram introduced quiz stickers can ask multi-choice or multi-channel choice queries in consumer stores. In contrast to the pool, 4 options can be added for answers.

open google play store app Free Download To ask a multilingual question, you will first have to create a store, then it will need to include a quiz sticker from the sticker tray. Here you will have to tell questions and answers. Storage will need to be shared by selecting the correct answer from potential answers. When the followers choose an answer, they will be told whether their answer is correct or not.
This quiz sticker is available on both platforms and IOSs platforms.
Sony introduced its ULD and LDC TV line for the year 2017 at the Consumer Electronics Show in January this year. This line includes Sony’s first 8K LDC TV. The 9G model’s 85-inch TV price is $ 13,000 and the 98-inch version cost $ 70,000.

open google play store app Free Download The Master Series AGG in this lineup and cheap A 8GB TV prices start with $ 3500 and $ 2500.
Similarly, prices of 4 K LDC TV X 950G, X 850G and X 800G start at $ 1400, $ 3500 and $ 650Sony’s 8K TV prices are quite high but it’s quite cheap than Samsung. Samsung released its first 8K TV last year.The 98-inch KW 900 price was worth one million dollars and 85 inches worth $ 15,000. ALG has also launched 8KT launches.

open google play store app Free Download It will be the world’s first 8K LED TV, but its value and availability has not been announced yet.
Apple’s AGG, ZZG and X 950G will be offered this summer in summer, support of Apple Airplay 2 and Home Kit. Support for SupportPlay 2 means that you have your Apple or iPod device Home-based support means TV can connect to other devices with home-based support.

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