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open play store app Free Download News was hot from today this morning that Sam Singh has canceled the launch of Galaxy Fold launches in China on April 24 and 26. Sometime later Sam Singh officially confirmed that Launching in the Galaxy Fold global market For weeks, it has been lifted.

open play store app Free Download Galaxy Fold’s display error was reported last week. This problem is two ways. One has a problem in displaying this phone’s display and folding mechanism, and secondly it has deteriorated due to the display of its protective film film, consumers understand this movie as other phone protection screens. Displaced, which displays the display.

open play store app Free Download According to Samsung’s official statement, he explained that the company now knows that there is more improvement in the Galaxy Fold, so that users can provide the best possible experience.Samaji did not announce the new history of this phone, but said that this announcement will be done in the coming weeks.
It seems that now Samsung will try to avoid its safety film in any way and will also take steps to ensure the safety of the phone screen.

open play store app Free Download Samsung Galaxy Fold had to be presented in many countries including the US, China and South Korea on April 26. It is estimated that the new date of the date of the execution date will be two months later.
The windwave folder will be launched in the Mighty X-X June. It is said that there has been a problem in this phone, so its release can be released till September.Yeah did not announce the final date of issuing the phone as Sam Singh. Now, let’s see which of the

open play store app Free Download two companies first offer their Foldable Phone.
Innovation in machine learning and censor technology is rapidly growing in the robotics sector. Every new generation of robots is being made more with mechanical complications and intelligent operating software. But instead of designing robots and making complex ways, one more easy way can be achieved. For this you will have to warm a couple of minutes by placing a soup, material in the wool, after packing a packet, after which you can remove the robots from the oven.If you are researchers at Cornell University, in such a manner, you can make many rats and make them run. Coral scientists have created DNA-based machines, which have life-

open play store app Free Download like capabilities. Man made of this can move organic machines, use energy for energy, growth, gutter, develop growth, and die gradually.All these features are of life, but Dan Lao, Professor of the University of Engineering and Life Sciences of Coral University, told Stanford Chronicle that he has introduced the concept of a completely new, life-like model that depends on his artificial metabolicism. Is.

open play store app Free Download He said that he is not making any living thing, but making a model that is like life and never happened before.Coral scientists have created robots mainly from the DNA-based bio-molecule, then observing the process of metabolism for the energy from the sources, they saw the appearance and development of them. After that, each other What is the program for racing?

open play store app Free Download Scientists say though it seems incredible but it’s the beginning. From this system, self-reproducing machines, like life, will be created. New debate is expected to start soon after turning robots into living machines.
If you want to read this research article completely, click here.
Several bombings in hotels and churches in Sri Lanka killed 200 people and injured more than 450. After this attack, the Sri Lankan government has banned access to many social media sites as well as implementing cafes across the country. According to the local media, the restrictions on access to social media sites include Facebook, Wats app and YouTube.

open play store app Free Download Apart from this, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Viber are also prohibited.
Presidential advisor Hirindra Dasanyana told the New York Times that this is a single-step decision. Its aim is to stop the misleading information, hate speech and the spread of violence after the explosion. It was not apparently clear when the ban would be raised.In order to prevent the spread of misleading information, government measures, as well as social media platforms are also trying hard.

open play store app Free Download The Whats app has limited to just 5 contacts to Messaging Info. Wats app also shows Ford’s written with Messaging forward so that consumers know that the sender does not write himself. The Wats app is also working on an instant, which will also find the number of messages forward forward.

open play store app Free Download Not only China is a country that wants to stop anonymity on the internet. The Austrian government wants to pass a law which must display its original identity for the users on the internet. Users can have their own semi-committees on the social media site, but law enforcement agencies can find them if the users are violating the law.

open play store app Free Download According to the law, which companies will not make sure to implement the law, they will be fined 5 million euros or $ 62,000. Even if the company did not do so after paying a penalty, then they would be fined again.
This law applies only

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