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play store app download and install We all know that Chinese smartphone company has suffered a lot of difficulties after US sanctions. After this ban the company has changed its strategy. Apparently it seems that the company now wants to earn an advertisement on the smartphone’s lock screen.
There are news that Huawei has started advertising advertisements on a smart screen of your smartphone.

play store app download and install Some users of Huawei say that on a smartphone’s lock screen, a booking website is showing advertisements, but they did not even install advertisers’ applications.
These ads appear when you choose Huawei Highlights from the wallpaper setting in the smartphone.

play store app download and install According to the information, this advertisement has been displayed on June 12 from the PSU Pro, P20 Pro, P20, P20 Lite, Matt 20 Pro and Airway 10.
This advertisement is appearing to customers in the UK, Netherlands, South Africa, Norway, Germany and many other countries.
Users on Social Media criticized the process of display advertisements on a lock screen.

play store app download and install Users may also disappoint if they want. Go to Device Settings for this. Then select Home Screen and Background option. Then select Change Background. Here you just remove the checkmark of Huawei Highlights or change the current backup.

play store app download and install Textile (TEXTREME) text editor is designed for children, but can also use it with great interest. The text editor of this text editor is to appear in the text with the Spark Focus.
It’s like text editor notebook, in which you can type text evenly. It makes sound productions with every action in text typing.
This option is the option to enable the Radiation mode at the top right.

play store app download and install More features from this feature enable more.
What can be done in this text editor is also safe. You can save the file from any name to save your text. So it can not create any folders. To find your protected file you will have to write half the file by clicking LOAD. The file will then appear in front of you.
Click here to download textem.

play store app download and install Facebook wants to make conversations more public on public posts. Facebook will be ranked for this. Post a comment on post or post-posting comments on Facebook Post. Apart from this, the reactions of post-friend’s friends will also be helpful in the ranking rankings.
These changes will be released for public pages of pagesense and users with a lot of followers.

play store app download and install However, anyone can enable this feature from settings. The FPS will rank the communities based on the interactions of people such as licenses, reactions and replications. In addition, users can hide, post or comment on their posts.
Facebook is not the only platform that is improving conversations. Theater is at the earliest of this issue. Facebook not only introduced features to improve commissions, but Facebook had also released a video ranking system last month.

play store app download and install Who said that IOS and Android users can not run together? Now iPhone and iPod users can use Android devices to sign in to their Google Account. The users of the iPhone and iPod can be logged into their IOS devices using Android’s key function.
If Google Smart Lock app is installed on your iPod or iPhone, you enable 2-step variance on your account and when you’re logged in to the iOS device, press the volume button in the Android device. put it. Remember that Bluetooth devices should be turned on in both devices during this period.
This feature is great for users who have both devices and IOS devices. Google has warned users to use backup backups as per the concerns of the phone lost. It can be quite useful in corporate institutions where you may have to log in to multiple devices.

play store app download and install Google has finished removing all the relationships from the air. Google has also closed Android’s license for airplanes. After that, a million devices have sold one million devices with their new operating system Hong Ming OS. Initially, I want consumers to feed feeds so that OS Can be decided to adopt or abandon.
According to a report, Ohio now wants to use Aurora.
This operating system is built on Open Source platform.

play store app download and install Two people, whose names were not shown, claimed that Hoyo’s deputy chairman Gao Ping spoke with Russian Minister for Digital Development and Communications Constantin Nuskov on Orra’s use. Some people claim that There are already experiments of Arora in Devices in China.
Cell Fish OS is built based on the MeeGo Gigures based platform. It was used in Nokia N9. After that, Nokia moved to Microsoft Windows Phone. Nokia’s decision was quite wrong. After that, some of Nokia made a company called Jolla and went ahead with Meg. Thus the appearance of cell fish appeared.
It was not yet clear that the company will use Orra or will be accompanied by Hong Ming.

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