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play store app download for laptop American and Chinese commercial cold war has proven to be deadly for the world’s second largest mobile device and a FW device maker. Google, Intal, Broad work, Zelenix, Krollrom, and many other companies have stopped working with Yahoo after the presidential decree of US President Donald Trump. This means that next week’s smartphones will be presented without Google services or hardware hardware.

play store app download for laptop Although Haven has developed his flagship chips such as Kirin 980 for the FG Connectivity with the Balong 5000 modem but the company was still relying on US companies’ devices for affordable devices.
An analysis of Bloomberg’s report has been quoted as an analyst that Huawei’s American semiconductor is heavily dependent on the product, the company may incur incurred losses if the supply of US equipment is closed.Other companies like server host provide server chip, providing programmable chip for zelinix networking and broad work switching chips. All these are very important for air conditioning.

play store app download for laptopAfter the ban on US companies, especially by Google, the wind can introduce their devices around the world as they are in China – their essential apps, such as maps, calendars, gmail, chrome and most important Google Play Store Does not happen
This means that these restrictions will have a great impact on global sales. After these restrictions, the dream of becoming the biggest mobile phone company by 2021 will remain as if it was.

play store app download for laptop Remember that after the ban from Google, Huawei has introduced its operating system (details on this page).
Transient Main Firefox has an adobe. This text can be translated from any ad text to a Web page.
Mozilla himself was working to connect the transmission service to a web browser but no company has yet to come from the company. Many extensions provide support on Google Chrome’s Transmission Function Firefox but they do not like some users.

play store app download for laptop Mozilla 2014 is working to introduce the transition feature to the browser. The company has also offered some function in Nightly version of Firefox. The Morsilla Transaction Project has been closed for many years. The company has restarted it at the end of 2018. The company was convinced that this feature should be presented in Firefox 63 but it has not yet come.Translator is a great extension for quick translation in Firefox.

play store app download for laptop This can be translated on any extension of the extension on the Web page. The extension method for this extension is slightly different from Google Transit, but it has been used by Google Translator API. This extension can translate individual words, sentences, paragraphs and long-term. To use the extension first, then click on the extension icon in the address bar to switch the input input if you want the output in the same language.

play store app download for laptop After that double-click on any word can be translated immediately. An option is to listen to the pronunciation of any word. Any text can be translated even if it is highlighted. Transitions appear on the selection of any text to the mouse. The Ctrl-key modifier can also be used to translate the text. If a mouse is overwhelmed on the word, then the translation gets translated. But by default, this option is disable.
This extension has many more features. Click here to use them and install the extension.

play store app download for laptop Oops have launched the launch of 9x. This is a PowerPoint version of iPhone 9, which was introduced last month.
Large change in this phone has a 48-megapixel rear camera. The 9K Backback was a 16-megapixel camera. The second major difference in the 9 and 9x is battery.The two smartphone land is 4020 mAh battery, but the A9X battery supports VOOC 3.0 fast charging.

play store app download for laptop The rest of the 9x hardcore is like A9 9. This phone has Helio P 70 SOS, 6GB Rim, 128 GB Intel Storage, 6.53 Inch Full HD Plus Display and 16 Megapixel Cellphone. Android-based-based ColorOS 6 operating system is installed in 9x.
The price of Oppo 9X is 1999 yuan or $ 289. Its sale in China will start from May 21.
The leaked news about Wave W3 was revealed last week. This phone is now officially released. This phone has Helio P35 SOS, 4GB Rim and 128 GB Extended Expansion Intranel. Android-based-based Funtouch OS 9 is installed in the phone.

play store app download for laptop Wi-Fi’s screen tooth is 89%. Its display is 6.35 inch LCD. Phone display resolution is 1544 x 720 pixels and split resize is 19.3: 9.Triple Camera Setup is back in the phone for photography.These main cameras have 13 megapixels (f / 2.2), the second 8 megapixel wide angle (f / 2.2) and the third 2 megapixel dipth sensor (f / 2.4) module. The front of the phone is a 16-megapixel cell phone camera installed in its water drop.
Other features of Wi-Fi Wi-Fi include iPhone Print, Fingerprint Reader, E-based Digital Assistant Joy (Jovi), EZE mode and Game Cube e-sports mode.

play store app download for laptop The smartphone also has headphones jack. It has a 5000 mAh battery with 18W Dual-Engine Fast Charging Support. However, it is a yo

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