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play store app download for pc In the beginning of this month, the Chinese navigator company introduced a military vehicle that could run both sides in the water and water. This car is named Marine Lizard. This military vehicle can attack the beaches by sea and can also take part in the war with other military vehicles on the line.
China’s official China Shipbuilding Industry Company says it has been provided to the Chinese army after successful successes of prototypes of its first military vehicle in the world.

play store app download for pc The Marine Ledded length is 12 meters. It can travel 50 nights in the ocean and 20 kilometers per hour on the ground.
Military experts say this car can make its way by swimming in the sea and removing barriers.It can also be controlled with remote help from remote control. This machine has two machine guns and a missile launcher, but they are dependent on external operators.

play store app download for pc The company says that the military vehicle will not be used to attack it right now, the Chinese army will leave it on the tropical island, where they can be activated later. These eight islands on the island Sensitive behavior can be sustained, during which they can be activated. It can also be connected to other automated systems like drone and boats.

play store app download for pc Blackberry Messenger was the principal before the Wats app, Facebook Messenger or Video Chat. It was launched in August 2005. BlackBerry Messenger was the first popular mobile chat app that had consumed users from text messaging and desktop clients. 14 years later this service is being shut down. It can only use users who can pay.
BMW was purchased by Amit in 2016.

play store app download for pc Amtak today announced that the Consumer version of this service will be closed on May 31.
Users will soon be able to download its enterprise edition with the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, but it will cost $ 2.50. In this enterprise version, the company has incorporated incapation, messaging and some other features. To keep the users connected to the BMM, the company has offered BBM Enterprise for the first 12 months free, but its Later users will have to pay. This enterprise edition has made the original

play store app download for pc Blackberry company rather than the Amtak.
A former student of the University of St. Rose of Albany, New York, has been convicted of the loss of computer worth thousands of dollars. This student had damaged college computers with a USB device. This USB device was designed in such a manner that quickly dispersed the computer circuit with more power supply.
The Department of Justice, FBI and Albanian police department said that Vishwanath is an ex-student of the Aktutta College of St. day.

play store app download for pc He has proved guilty of defusing computer worth $ 58,000. Shamwanath will have to spend 10 years in jail. After the release of the prison, they will be monitored for 3 years. They have also been fined $ 50 million.Vijwanath was arrested from northern Carolina on February 22. One week earlier, he had damaged a St.-day computer with a USB Killer device.

play store app download for pc Such devices can be purchased freely on the internet. These devices increase the load of loads on the computer so that it gets cranked.
27-year-old Vishwanath made his video even worse after college computer, in which he said that I am killing him now. Therefore, it can be said that the authorities have sentenced

play store app download for pc play store app download for pcVishwanath to an incredible evidence.
Vishwanath damaged computer worth $ 58,471. He has also convinced the college to compensate for this loss.
Vishwanath is from India. She’s on the visas in the US. He has taken a Master’s Degree in St. John’s in 2017.
Department of Homeland Security says that face-to-face technology will be used on 97% passengers from the US in the next four years. In this system, their photographs are taken before the passengers are riding. This system started in 2017. At the end of 2018, it was operational on US Airports in the United States.

play store app download for pc This system is taken as soon as the passenger’s entrance gate is entered.
After this, this picture is mixed with photographs taken for visas, passport requests and passengers entering the passenger country.
The purpose of this system is to provide “Biometric Executives”, which allows authorities to know which country is going to enter. It also indicates people who were keeping their country in excess of their visa period for more than a day.

play store app download for pc At the moment, the US government is traditionally dependent on the flight record of the Airlines flight to record the country’s leave.
So far, 7 thousand people riding in 15,000 flights have been identified that have been keeping their visas for more than a period of days. US customs and border protection estimates that 6 million people live more than their visa period in the US every year.

play store app download for pc The punishment for this crime is restricted to admission to the US for 10 years.
The critics of this system say that collecting such database of hundreds of passengers is a violation of civil liberties. Once such a database is ready, it will be shared with other agencies also. This law enforcement agency

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