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play store app download free

play store app download free Apple has introduced IOS’s next version IOS 13 at its annual developer conference. He will be released with new iPhones in the fall this year.
The exact IOS 13 of the rumors includes Dark Mode. If you are compatible with Apple’s white user interface, Dark Mode will also be able to enable the new version.
The dark mode may not support all apps, but it will automatically support Apple’s own apps.

play store app download free Third party developers will be able to add it to their apps. Students will automatically enable them to sunlight or on specific time. If your phone is LED and the LED, then your mobile Battery Life will increase.
IOS 13 will be faster.
In this case apparently, the fee will take 30% less time. Apps will now be launched twice.In the IOS 13 Keyboard Function has also been included in the keyboard. These features are using Android users for years.

play store app download free Apple also has a lot of attention on privacy in IOS 13. Now consumers can also allow apps to check the location once again, rather than barbar. The company will also provide backup tracking alert to users, which will allow users to determine which apps are using their location. .In addition, the company is introducing sign-in features from the Apple System. That means users can sign in to apps with the help of Apple accounts in IOS 13, can verify from the fee ID or touch id. Then Apple sends the unique Random ID to the app. If you have an app If you ask for an email, you can send your original email or send a random email from Apple.

play store app download free Apple has also updated its apps. Mapus’s user interface is now new, which has been added to the bar, which lets you easily navigate to your favorite places. It also features Look Around. Basically it’s like Google Street View. America’s new map will be included in the maps of this year. It is still available in the selected cities and states.
The new map provides better road coverage, better data and accurate addresses for pedestrians.
Now you can add your name and memo to MySpace, so those people who did not save your number will be able to get your name from your message. Customs are now better customized. Can It includes memo stickers.

play store app download free Mamoo stickers will work on all devices that run on an 9 chip or better chip.
The editing user interface has been redirected to the photos. Now it has a new default photo view that can be seen in many ways, such as weeks and months. It has also introduced many editing tools for videos.
Apple has also improved Sri.

play store app download free Sri’s voice now looks less robotic. If you have to wear a air pod, all the incoming messages can be read and respond to sound. Now one million radio stations can run live radio from around the world and audio is on a friend’s phone. You can share.

play store app download free Sri shortcuts now have their own app and IOS 13’s home screen is near you.
Shortcuts are basically macros. These are a collection of step-by-step actions.
The Remarked app will now look in a new case. The biggest update has been added to the car play. It also has a new calendar app and Sri now supports Pandora and Weeds.
The Files app can now share folders with the cloud drive.
It can also access files available in SDD and USB bb drives.
IOS 13 developer preview is available for registered developers. Its public beta program will be started at the end of this month.

play store app download free Amazingly IOS 13 has just been released for iPhone and iPod touch devices. At present, its IOS version “iPod OS” is available for iPod.
Apple has officially introduced a new version of Macs. It has been named Katelena (Catalina). Apart from this, Apple has retired iTunes. Now Katalana users have three different apps “Music”, “Podcast” and “TV” (now with 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos Support).
ITunes was created to sync with iPhones, iPods and iPads.
Now the new option is for the sync option. Which is in Mac OS’s finder.
One of the new exciting features in Mac OSC Catalan is. This feature allows iPad to be made another screen. This feature can be used to input the Mac to the iPad. And now the Apple Pencil Latitude has reduced the 9 ms to the iPad, which is quite good.

play store app download free The new Voice Control feature has also been introduced in Mac OSC Cutlena, which can be controlled by sound in everything. Find My Mac is now named Find My. It’s easier to find your missing and stolen devices. From this feature Mac can also be searched for when it’s offline.
Activation Lock has been added to all T2-enabled devices in Katalana.
When activation lock is turned on, no user’s user will be able to use half-time and stolen mac without password.
Photos, Notes, Rev. in Mac OSC Cutlena

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