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play store app download Samaji is the principal of the South Korea’s FY market. In 80 days, Galaxy S has sold 1 million units of 10VGG. Samia is selling 15,000 Galaxy S 10VG unit every day in South Korea. doing.

play store app download In comparison to this, May 10 has already sold 2 million 80,000 units of LG V50 ThinQ 5G. LG has also sold a smartphone smartphone but it is nothing compared to Samsung.

play store app download Though the FG revolution started from South Korea, now consumers can buy the EE and Vodafone in the UK and the Galaxy S10-FG on the variants and sprint in America.

play store app download A two-year research by the University of Sydney and the CSIRO’s Data61 has shown that there are 2040 apps on Google Play Store that are somehow dangerous. Many of them want suspicious processes, and many goods are available.

play store app download This research included about one million apps. Many of them were counterfeit, they did not have material warriors, but they wanted a presentation of data that they did not belong to.

play store app download They also included titles such as Hill Climb Racing and Temple Run.
Specialists used Neurul networks and machine learning to research on one million apps. Its algorithm was set to see icons and subscriptions similar to the most popular 10,000 apps, with the expected expected risks of 49,608.
The use of virus toll shows that 7,246 apps are virus-free and 2,040 fake and quite dangerous.

play store app download Apart from this, 1,565 apps like 5 highly sensitive processes and 1,407 third parties include a library to show ads.
Google has not removed the Google Play Store from the specialists mentioned in the research. The Google team has reported that their rejection rate has increased from 55 percent to the previous year, while the app suspension rate has increased by 66 percent.
Sony has added new features to the Sony Express. CineAlta’s professional division, which makes a camera for Hollywood movies and makes Alpha’s Sony-top Marular Camera, has made an application called Cinemat. The application will change the mobile screen to the best of the video converter.

play store app download This app’s user interface is simple. It has been assembled in one screen, so that you can start your shooting without complex menu.
Everything in the 21: 9 screen is well-kept.
Cluster selection is also excellent in this app. ExIYA 1 H.265 can encrypt a 10-bit HDR video, which captures more information than the smartphone. As a result the diamond corn range is improved for the phone.
Video stabilization is also better in the Cinema Pro. There is also an option to mark Focus Slider in this menu Focus mode.

play store app download This app also records the quality of voice recorded from the microphone of the phone.
Remember that this application is for video recordings only. This does not have any features for editing. You need a separate application for editing. Sony did not include any such application in the Explorer 1 for editing. You can choose your own application with an appeal that supports 4K HEVC 10-bit footage.

play store app download In this app a project is better to record the same sensor than the whole movie. A restriction in the app is that you can not change the clereshow in a video. Instead, you have to select a cleaner profile for the entire project. In this way, consumers will have to create different projects for different clerks.
Huawei has released new devices in China’s event. The most important of these, NOVA are three smartphones of 5. He introduces Keven 980 with Kirin 980, with Kirin 8105, and Ohio Nova 5 and Ohio NOVA 5I.

play store app download Ohio Nova 5 Pro
This phone has 8GB B RAM and 128 GB or 256 GB storage with Kirin 980 chip set in the phone.
NOVA 5 Pro’s 4000 MAH battery can be charged with 40W wifi super charge. The price of 8 GB / 128 GB of this phone cost 2999 yuan or 435 dollars or 385 euros and 8 GB / 256 GB The storage version price is 3399 yuan or 500 dollars or 440 euros.
There is also a Fancy version of this phone NOVA 5 Pro Limited edition, which is worth 3799 yuan or $ 550 or 490 euros.

play store app download The pre-order of this phone has started and its supply will begin on June 28.

play store app download Huawei Nova 5
Huawei Nova 5 is the first phone, which includes Huawei’s new Kirin 810 chip set.
This phone will be launched in mid-July. It has two Cortex-A76 Powerful Cores, which have a clock speed 2.27 GHz, and six Cortex-A55 covers, whose Clock Speed ​​is 1.88 GHz. This phone has Mali-G52 MP6 GPU.
NOVA 5 Flags NOVA 5 Pro is the same.
Both have front-end notebooks and LED displays and a bit quad-core on the back.
The same memory option for this phone is 8 GB / 128 GB internal storage. This phone’s price is 2999 yuan or 435 dollars or 385 euros.

play store app download Oh, Nova 5
Huawei Nova 5I is the least Kirin 710 chip set in comparison to the other smartphones. The fingerprint reader is on the back of this phone.
There is a 24-megapixel main, 8 megapixel wide angle, 2 megapixel deepthrough censor and 2 megapixel macro lanes on the phone’s back. This phone has been launched in 6 GB or 8GB B RAM / 128 GB internal storage memory option. But unlike Nova 5 and Nova 5 Pro, it has 18W fast charging support. Price of this phone according to memory options 1999 yuan

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