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play store app for computer Free Download

play store app for computer Free Download

play store app for computer Free Download If your account has ever been a high jack,  then you can easily recover it from the new anticipated feature of the installation program. Hoststragram is doing a feature experiment, which hackers can hardly hack someone’s account.
play store app for computer Free Download  An account registry process is being done in the Instagram app. Here you will be able to get a 6-digit code by giving your original email and phone number to the support form.

play store app for computer Free Download Then the installation program will prevent hackers from getting email or phone number code. Hacker will not be able to control the account from any other device.
In this new way you will be able to record your account at the time when the hacker has changed your username and contact data. In addition, the instagram will ensure that your changed user has a specific period of time No other user could claim.

play store app for computer Free Download Even if you do not have a hacking but user-friendly change, other users will not be able to clarify your username for a while.
It is not known when this feature will be released for all users. User semi-lock feature features are released for Android users while it is being used for IOS.
It is very easy to identify or touch the goods for humans, but the machine has to face many difficulties in doing so. Now we have to create such a robot in the MIT Computer

play store app for computer Free Download Science and Art Faculty Intelligence Lab. It has been tried that can identify and touch the objects.
The team has taken the KSS robot arm and has been imprisoned for the GelSight censor.
This robot has created CSAIL’s Ted Adlison Group.
The information obtained from the prison site censorship is feeded in artificial intelligence, which can be taught in connection with the vision and length of the lip.

play store app for computer Free Download To touch the goods by touching artificial intelligence, the team has recorded about 200 items like clothes, accessories and 12,000 video records of domestic goods. This video was separated in case of statistical imaging. Then artificial intelligence used this data set to connect tall and vision data.
At this time, this robot can identify only the controlled environment. A large data set will be created at the next step, but this robot can identify more items on a large scale.
Facebook’s proprietary application was appraised 65 billion messages every day on the

play store app for computer Free Download Wats app by the previous year, which is increasing gradually.
Watts app users usually support the screenshot to save the chat in groups and groups you have. However, screen shot is not the only way to save messages.
Wats app messages can also be saved from Starred Messages, another feature of the Wats app.

play store app for computer Free Download This feature is available in Android, iPhone and Windows smartphones.
From this feature to save messages in android phones
• Open the Wats app
• Open the chat you want to save
• Tap and hold the message you want to save.

• Tap the top star icon on the screen to select the message.

play store app for computer Free Download IPhone users to save messages
• Open the Wats app
• Go to the chat you want to save
• Tape and hold after selecting the message.
• Tap on the Star icon that appears at the top of the screen.
Endrode users to see saved messages
• Open the Wats app
• Tap on three dots at the top right of the screen.
• Tap on Starred messages from the displayed menu.
IPhone users to view saved messages
• Open the chat, which has staged messages
• Then tap on chat’s name
• Then click on Starred messages to see saved messages.


play store app for computer Free Download Scientists have made the world’s highest two seasonal stations on Mount Everest. These weather stations were set up by the National Geographical Society and a team of Tamil Nadu University. These stations on the basis were set up at 8430 meters or 27657 ft and 7945 meters or 26066 feet altogether. Besides this, three other at Mount Everest Stations are also made.
Data obtained from these stations will help scientists to review global impact and increase the effect of glacier melting.
The campaign leader Paul Maisuki said that it is the fastest growing region in the world, but we do not know what is going on above the height of 5000 meters. In this campaign, 30 scientists and 17 worldwide Nepali researchers participated.

play store app for computer Free Download The campaign also gained deeper snow samples on the height of 8020 meters or 26312 feet in the world. This will help scientists to understand the first environment of industrial era.
Another important milestone of this project is on the Everest Base Camp and the world’s highest-level helicopter-based litterers (the latest radar system used in laser rays) for scanning and the most detailed photographic imaging.

It was a bad year about tourism and mountain scale on Mount Everest. This year 11 people died. Nepali government also collected 24,000 pounds of waste from Mount Everest. In such a way, setting up seasonal centers, glacier skiing and imaging is a positive process.

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