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play store app for pc Free Download

play store app for pc Free Download

play store app for pc Free Download The EU has come to Google’s mind after paying a $ 4.3 billion heavy penalty. Users of the European Union will now be able to choose another search engine and browser in Android. Google is now providing EU users to select different browsers or other search engines from the play store via an update.
Google Update Manager, Powell Jenny, Google Product Management Director in a blog post, said that after updating, EU users will see a new screen when opening the Google Play Store, where they will be provided the option to install different search engines or browsers. .

play store app for pc Free Download Google will also guide users from other users of the search engine or browser with the default search engine or browser setting.According to the photo provided in the blog, Google will provide Qwant, DuckDuck Go and other browsers to other Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Proud Web Browser in other search engines.

play store app for pc Free Download The European Union had accused Google of taking advantage of its position, forced compatibility companies to install Google products, such as apps and search engines, pre-installed.On the other hand, Google’s stand was that phone-making companies are already free in the application of applications in mobile.
The updates issued for the EU users are in reach of all users in a few weeks, after which they will be able to select other browsers other than Google, except Chrome or other

play store app for pc Free Download Chrome.
With the support of advertising, the YouTube Music Service is offered free on Google Home Speaker and other smartphone users with Google Assistant.
To benefit from this, users will have to select music by tapping on account settings services. Then YouTube will have to choose YouTube music as a default music service. Users will then be able to listen to any type of music from Hey Google’s command.

play store app for pc Free Download Remember that consumers in this service can not listen to specific singers or songs from the specific singers in the advertisements, but they will be able to command Google to play music type. To listen to special singers or songs of special singers, users will listen to YouTube music You will have to subscribe to premium service.
By offering free music services with ads, Google SmartSpeakers have come up with a free trial of Puppy and Pandora. In addition to SmartSpeakers, Google has released its service for the Google Endowed Clock app. Google is also partnering with more partners to enhance music service.

play store app for pc Free Download Now the number of licenses on your Instagram post will not be visible to other users. The Facebook sub company Instagram Gram has designated the app’s new prototype, the number of your post’s locks has been hidden.
This information is given by the app’s reverse engineering expert Jean Wong. These information are found in the source code of the app’s Android version.
Contrary to the current design, other users will not be able to see the number of your post’s license in the new design, but will be available to you.

play store app for pc Free Download Hiding numbers of post calixes, Instagram wants customers to pay attention to the content instead of focusing on post-locks.
An Instagram spokesperson says he is not doing this feature yet, but he is looking for ways that reduce the pressure on consumers.If this feature is enabled in the app, it will not make any difference to the users for whom the number of licenses is just a number, yes, it will definitely be unhappy with celebrities of Instagram, because they are posted on the Instagram. Deposits on the basis of the number and number of your followers.

play store app for pc Free Download Then they can be controlled by joins.
The team has used Pose2Pose and Pose2Frame Naval Networks for it. This is a first feeded video in the Pose2Pose Neurole Network. It is designed for specific acts like dance, tennis play or sword.Then the system analyzes the movement of people by their backgrounds and separates them.

play store app for pc Free Download Then Pose2Frame watches the person with his shadow and hand held things and put them in a new scene. After that, the movement of those people can be controlled from a stick or keyboard. Short video of any activity in this system can be trained.
From the Vid2Game Audi of Facebook, users will be able to develop games by placing themselves or their favorite personalities in different characters.

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