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play store app Free download Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2xL are now over. These two phones have disappeared from the company’s store. Both of these phones were released in October 2017. In the past few months, Google has sold second-generation pixel phones at an extremely discounted price, which it seems like Google wanted to end up with its remaining stock.

play store app Free download The reason for doing so is that Google now wants to launch Pixel 3A and Pixel 3 AXL.Pixel 2 Family’s specialty included photography’s best-capacity and image processing software. There was also a feature of this phone with an active image. From this feature, you could activate the Google Assistant by pressing your phone’s directions.

play store app Free download Users who have pixel 2 phones will continue to support them, and will upgrade them to the next version of Andrews next year.
The use of virus software and application is not new to governments by spying for citizens. In this context, the fierceness of the American National Security Agency had hit the whole world. This series has not yet been kept. According to the research of security research,

play store app Free download Google Play Store has many applications that seem apparently unhealthy, but with their help citizens are being monitored.

play store app Free download This time the attempt to spy civilians is not from the US NSA but also by the Italian government. The governmental government has also purchased goods and services from a surveillance company selling this.
According to the report, security research has got a freight made of first-time monitoring cameras such as eSurv.

play store app Free download This discovery has combined the research of the website Mad Board and Security Without Borders.

play store app Free download Security-outdated borders are a non-commercial institution that investigates the risks facing different people and human rights guards.
Research has named this booty Virogo Aggodus. Actually, Agogados is the name of this command and control server, which has a wealth of connections.
This material has to be associated with Italy due to the Italian text being included in its code. All the words in this code are spoken in the area, where eSurv’s headquarter is spoken.

play store app Free download Security Wide Border has published a similar report on this, which can be seen here by clicking.
Mark Zuckerberg has stated that he can add a special tab to Facebook for “High Quality News”. This tab can be added to this year’s end. This section will be free for users but Facebook can pay to publishers, whose news will appear in this section.
Mark Zuckerberg spoke to Mattius Dupfner’s CEO Excel Sprinkler.

play store app Free download This conversation was happening in the future of technology in the society.
Time is very important by Mark Zuckerberg to think of this idea. Last week, Apple has released its News and Magazine Subscription Service News Plus. Like Apple, Facebook can also empower the editors. Mark Zuckerberg said he could not say anything with confidence, whether the audience will see custom content in this section or select editor news.

play store app Free download Facebook has already been using editors in the selection of tracking tips item. Facebook used to accuse them based on preliminary topics. This section was discontinued later.
The Facebook News tab will be like its watch tab – videos are also visible in the news feed but watch video only can be viewed from the watch tab.
This is not a joke of April Fool. A Russian defense contractor has owned a drone’s rights, which can destroy other drone attacks on the air using a shotgun.

play store app Free download This drone has been made by the Russian defense contractor Alaz Anne. This contractor had made the earthquake S-400 Triumf or earthquake. That missile was also the cause of a dispute between the US and Turkey.
This drone is turning towards the sky, standing firmly on its ground, but once fleet fly like a plane. Flowing like a plane increases its performance. It can fly automatically up to 40 minutes with Vepr-12 shotguns and 10 round magazines.
The Moscow Design Institute’s Student Design Bureau of Aviation Modeling designed this drone to designate alazabeth.

play store app Free download The same type of drone uses companies, farmers and surveillance companies. The drone operator operates the video link as well as operates drone weapons as well.
The Russian government has already built a new drone with Karnivora, which can capture other drones from above. A version of this can also destroy destructive explosives and anti-tank bombs.

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