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play store app apk Wave Wai’s news was released early this month. The Wi-12 display is 6.35 inch halo flavy display, with a resolution of 1544 x 720 pixels and split resize 19.3: 9. This phone has Helio P22 SOS chip set. It has been provided with two storage options 3 GBB / 64 GB internal storage and 4 GB remote and 32 GB internal storage. However, the storage can be extended to 256 GB by micro SD card.

play store app apk Triple Camera Setup on Wi12’s Back

It has main camera 13MP f / 2.2, 8MP f / 2.2 super wide and 2MP f / 2.4 dipth sensor. The front of the phone is 8MP f / 1.8 camera for cell phone and cell phone calls.
play store app download This phone is installed android pie-based art touch OS 9. There is also a fingerprint censor on the phone reminder. This phone is available in Aqua Blue and Burgundy Red colors. The phone has a 5000 mhh battery that can be charged with the micro USB port.

play store app apk The 4GB RIM version of this phone is available at Rs 12490 Indian rupees or 180 dollars or 160 euros in India. Nothing was told about phone supply in other countries.

play store app apk Between China and the United States, the war has sprouted about the world’s most Powerful Fly Superintendent. China had the edge of this war. China’s Sunway TaihuLight’s capacity is 93 strap flips. But last year, America ended the Summit by releasing Summit. The Sum 200 can be found on the capacity of floppy flops or 200 quadrilin calculation per second. One of America’s new commercial sanctions is that China does not make it a super-powerful computer.

play store app download Commerce Department has set new restrictions on exports. These restrictions make China’s five major super-computer manufacturers missing from American technology. These restrictions are placed on companies that are working against US national security or US foreign policy.

play store app download The Chinese manufacturer will have to ask the US government to obtain American technology and equipment.

play store app download This move of the US government can eliminate many Chinese companies.
Chinese companies that are making super computers will be able to scan a quintillion account per capita. The US government is concerned that it will run a super-computer military application. There is super computing nuclear weapons development, induction, Missile Defense and many issues are necessary.

play store app apk In recent years, Drones have also made their place in the field of war. With the help of Drones, where the US military is bombarded, the US military has invented such technology, which can be drowned in the atmosphere itself. The US Air Force introduced a new tool this week, the world US troops across the area can be installed around the bases. This is a high-power microphone system named Tactical High Power Microwave Operational Responder or THOR.

play store app apk Thief has been made to save US military base from drone attacks.
 This system is built in the Air Force Research Laboratory at the Kurtland Air Force Base in Albacca, New Mexico. Thor high power defects UVAs from short-term microscope.

play store app apk According to the local TV, this system is built in a very short period – just 18 months. It’s made in $ 15 million.Thunderstorm can be run from a generator and it can be stored in a shipping container. It can be delivered anywhere in a few hours.

play store app apk Air Force launched thunderstorm experiments against short range target at the beginning of this Spring, while another system called the Counter-Electronic High-Power Microwave Extended-Range Air Base Air Defense or CHIMERA is called Medium and Long Range Targeting is designed to hit the target. The system will be provided at any time next year.

play store app download If they were interested in Google Pixel Slate despite the software problems, they have bad news. Google will not make any type of tablet hardware. In Google, only Google will make all its sources of laptops.

play store app apk According to the Computing World Report, Google has abandoned the plan to launch two launch launches launched by Pixel Slate 2018.
The Google Chief Hardier Rick Steve said that the company will focus on focusing on a laptop.

The company says that other tablet-making companies will keep Android and Chrome MOS based tablets and the company will continue to develop these platforms.

play store app apk Apparently it looks like Google is not interested in tableting. Due to the end of this interest, it has to be less sales due to the problem of pixel slate software. Apart from this, the price of this tablet was much higher. The lack of Google Pixel Slate applications also led to failure. Bunny
Facebook’s new charity currency will use a very small power against currency like Libra second corruption protocols like bit coin.

play store app apk This currency could not be launched yet, therefore the claim for use of low power of Libra is not ultimately called anything but Labra’s design is more centralized than other Corpitenciesis. For this reason it is very less Electricity can be used.
A few members of the Labor Association will be able to create Labera than D centered corruption.
Butterfly only spend more power than that it gets a lot of competition among those who get it. This means that much computing power is used to create just one bit.
It was estimated in 2018

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