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play store app gratis Free Download Without much promotions, Oppo has introduced the fourth member of Reno Family Reno Z. This phone has been listed for the release of Oppo’s own website and the famous retailer By the way Reno line has the least impressive phone but its value is quite appropriate.
RenoZ has a 6.4-inch amplified screen, which has a full HD Plus resolution.
The phone screen has a water drop, which has a phone call of 32 megapixel cell phone installed. This display has to support the HDR10. This display has a fingerprint scanner. There is a 48-megapixel Sony IMX 586 censor and a 5-megapixel dipth sensor on Phone Back.

play store app gratis Free Download The Media Tech Helio P90 Chip Set, 6GB Rim and 256GB Internal storage in Opposition Renovation.
A phone version has been introduced with 8 GB RMB and 128 GB internal storage. This phone is installed android 9 pie based clips OS 6 installed.
RenoZ has a 4035 mAh battery, which has 20W support of VOOC 3.0. The other features of the phone have Dolby Autos support for NFC and better audio.

play store app gratis Free Download Opo Reno Z is available in Knight Black, Star Pearl, Bad White and Coral Orange. This cost is 2499 yuan or $ 362 or 325 euros. Its sale in China will start from 6th June.
Generally, on the screen of ATM machines’ screen, advertisements run on advertisements for free time, but the Netherlands is the first country in the world where ATM screens are reported to be reported when Amber alert is lost. .

play store app gratis Free Download The decision to show the information of lost children on ATM machines has been processed last week. Children’s screen saver is being shown on more than 300 ATM machines in the Netherlands.
Initially information about missing lost children on Airports and Shopping Centers. However, officials say it will be spread across all over the country’s ATM machines.
Two types of alert are issued on the ATM screen. An emergency message amber alert.
These are released if the child is lost and in danger. Other common alerts are issued at the time when the child is lost and the authorities are worried about his good deeds.

play store app gratis Free Download In both cases, the machine shows child’s picture and related information. When there is no pictures of children in the machine, they have a copy of the parent, which they are appealing to install the amberlt on their mobile.
Amber (America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response) alert is available since the 1990s. Technology has come together as well.
The US Federal Communications Association in 2016 approved the spread of wireless emergency alert system, which will then be sent directly to mobile phones. Technology companies have also connected this service to their products. Both Weights and Google have added Amber Alerts to their platforms.
The Sindh Police has also made a mobile application called Zenab alert, which allows people to report the loss of children to the police immediately.

play store app gratis Free Download Assoon has been completed for 30 years. On the occasion, the company has introduced a special laptop (details page) and a special smartphone.

Asus introduced Zen Phones 6 a few days ago (details on this page).
Asus completed 30 years of his career, Asus introduced Zen Phones 6 Edition 30.
This smartphone was introduced in Taiwan in the year 2019.

play store app gratis Free Download This smartphone is limited to a limited number. Only 3000 units will be sold. With this VIP benefits and a 30-month vendor will be offered. This phone will include Snap Dragon 855 Chip Set, 12GB Rim and 512 GB Battery. This phone’s Philip Camera Setup includes 48 megapixel Sony IMX 586 Main Censor and 13 Megapixel Ultra-Wired Censor (125 Degree) This phone has received a record breaking cell phone score on DxoOMark.
This phone has 5,000 mAh battery. The phone’s loop lens display is 6.4 inches, with resolution of 1080p +.

play store app gratis Free Download Google announced last year that the YouTube Gaming app will be closed in March. Google added two months in that period. Google will now shut the YouTube Gaming app on May 30.
Google’s Mountain View company announced that it will shut down the YouTube Gaming app on May 30. There are two days left in this deadline. That’s why Google may be able to turn off the YouTube Gaming app.
If you regularly use the YouTube Gaming app, you should know that Google is integrating it into its standard platform.

play store app gratis Free Download After May 30, the YouTube Gaming app users will be redirected to a new YouTube channel on YouTube.
Unfortunately, if you’ve saved or watched some content in the YouTube gaming app, its data will be lost after May 30. Google says that transferring games between platforms is not possible.
According to YouTube, integrating both platforms will make a better place for the company gaming community.

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