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play store app install Free Download Asus introduced a special laptop on completion of 30 years of his stay. The Asus Zen Book Edition 30 has a white leather cover and a 18-day daily gold logo. This logo is like a star track star star. This laptop is like traditional laptops, apart from the front cover and the gold logo. Joshi Shahi, the head of Asos, says that every piece of leather has been selected in the leather cover, specialists have tourists.
Asus also offers Essays for his leather laptop.

play store app install Free Download Asus introduced the first leather cover laptop in 2016. It was S6F.
Zen Book Edition 30 has 8th generation core core 7 processor, NVIDIA’s G-Force MX 250 graphics, up to 16GB of RAM and PCIe SSD storage.
The screen to body reset is 95% due to this asbestos freeze display in this 13-inch laptop. Asus also added his screen pad. Screen pad is actually a track pad, asus has added the screen.
Asus did not justify the availability and price of this laptop. Asus will provide limited number to this laptop.

play store app install Free Download Many users work together in the Chrome piles tabs. Some mobile users are not behind anyone in opening more tabs. If there are few tabs opened in Chrome for Android, there is no problem because existing card-style interface users’ work is done. However, if more than 10 tabs are open then scrolling and searching for tabular tabs becomes a problem.

play store app install Free Download A new feature included in Google Chrome can solve this issue of users. Google introduces a new feature of tab grouping and re-designed tabs for Chrome; Android users.
Long press menu will also offer a new option Open in new tab group. This will open your sites in groups. When starting a new group, this navigation will appear at the bottom of the bar.

play store app install Free Download The open tab in the group will look like a fusion. Swipe down from the search bar to tap the tab icon with the search bar, you’ll get to the new tabs on the screen. Now you will see thumbnails instead of cards.
Tab Groups will show you as folders. Each folder will contain a number of tabs in the group. Additionally, the pseudoons of thumbnail preview and the first four pages will also be fusion.
Tabs on a group will clearly find out which links to it. This tab will be like screen.

play store app install Free Download From this feature, you can place open tabs in themes by topic. The work is still on this new interface.
If you are using a Chrome key, you can use this feature with chrome: // flags. Enable enable-tab-groups-ui-improvements on the flags screen and enable this feature. After activating you will need to reset the browser twice.
Asus is one of the first companies to introduce portable USBB-C monitors in the compact 2019 this year.

play store app install Free Download Asus has also introduced Zen Screen Touch (Photo Top) in Computing 2019. It’s a 15.6 inch 1080p touch screen monitor. It is designed to connect with a smartphone or laptop. The Zen Screen Touch has a 7800 mAh battery.
It also has a protective case that can be used as a cook stand.
Asus has also introduced another 1080p Monitor ROG Strix XG17.

play store app install Free Download It has been presented for fans of monitor gaming. This is the world’s first 240Hz gaming monitor.
Its 17.3-inch IPS panel supports the variable refrigeration rate.
This monitor has 2 USBB Corts, Micro HDMIs and a 7800MHH battery.

play store app install Free Download Asus says this battery can run the monitor up to 240 hz for up to 3 hours. This also increases the battery rate on the refresh rate.
Asos did not tell anything about these monitors’ prices yet. But Zen Screen Touch has come to know that it can be offered for sale next month.
Emmone made a fire phone for promoting his services. Facebook also partnered to HTC for its special phone. Both of these products were completely unsuccessful. Even though the viral application tick-box developers are making their smartphones.
According to the Financial Times report, industry sources claimed that Bite Dance, the owner of the Tick Tuck, is developing its smartphone.
This smartphone has all its applications in the company.

play store app install Free Download Tick ​​Tok bought a Chinese smartphone brand Smartisan early this year. It is now working for the new smartphone for the company.
The details and harder details of this phone are not yet visible, but it seems to be a cheap device, designed to keep young people in mind. The tank is very popular in China and India. Cheap countries are sold in these countries.
It was not yet clear that this phone would be sold in America and Europe. If so, it’s also difficult to succeed as a Amazon phone and a phone call.

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