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play store app install free Free Download After several days of speculation, Viva introduced Z5x. It was introduced in a ceremony in China. The zline line of the company consists of cheap smartphones and Z5x is not even more expensive. It costs 1398 yuan or 202 dollars or 180 euros.
In this phone, the WAVO has included the Punch Hole Self-Camera for the first time. This camera is 16 megapixels with f / 2.0 extras.

play store app install free Free Download Phone display is 6.53 inch LCD, with resolution resolution 1080 x 2340 pixels.
The fingerprint scanner and the triple camera setup on the phone’s back. It has 2 megapixels with up to 16 megapixel, Wide Angle Camera f / 2.2 uplift with main camera f / 1.78 exterior, with 8 megapixels and third dip censor f / 2.4 extras.
Snooze ZX X2 has a snap dragon 710 chip set, 4GB / 6GB / 8GB rim and 64 GB / 128GB UFS 2.1 storage.

play store app install free Free Download This phone has a 5000 mhh battery with 18W fast charging support. Despite the thick battery, the phone thickness is 8.85 mm. It’s weight 204.1 grams. It has built-in micro SD card slot. The phone also has dual sim function and headphone jack.
This phone’s 4GB / 64GB version cost 1398 yuan or 202 dollars or 180 euros, 6 GB / 64GB version price 1498 yuan or 217 dollars or 193 euros, 6 GB / 128 GB version 1698 Yuan or $ 246 or 219 euros and 8 GB / 128 GB version is 1998 yuan or 289 dollars or 258 euros.

play store app install free Free Download Violet Z5 is equipped with an Android Touch 9 scan with Android 5 android. It will be presented in China for sale from June 1. It will be sold in Xmas Black, Phoenix Black and Oraura colors.
In 1999, Intel introduced some of the best CPUs. Some of them have Core i9-9900KS. It’s an upgraded version of the Atlantis 9900K. The biggest improvement in this is that instead of increasing a core speed, it can run all 8 cages at 5GHz.

play store app install free Free Download The company will provide more details on Tuesday, but Atal has confirmed that its core speed will be 4 GHz. In 9900K it was 3.6 GHz.
Intal also has demonstrated all the covers from Windows Task Manager to run at 5 GHz.
In December, Intal promised that its upcoming 10 NMM laptops would be the best graphics feature with CP Utra Floop Computing Power. In 2019, the company has provided more information about Compaties, which can improve the real-world gaming on 1080p by the improvements made by the Atal. Its performance is already 72% higher. 10 nano-meter CPUs and 11-generation integrated graphics with them can run many typical GPU titles in 1080p.

play store app install free Free Download Intal received a 70fps frame rate in the 10MM ice leak system’s direct demonstration. This frame rate was approximately 45 in the first 8th whiskey leak yu chip.
Antal told that the 25W ice leak was 16% faster than playing the OM Watch Watch game with the Ryzen 7 3700U of AMD’s RX Vega 10 graphics. This was 15% fast at Thry de Mark Ski-dinor. Many other types of competitions were not in support of the intake, but still the ice leak is quite impressive. Antalya will provide more details on Tuesday.
The Facebook plan is to issue its charity currency in the first quarter of the next year. Facebook will provide more information about this charity currency this summer. This currency experience will start at the end of 2019. This currency has been named Global Coine in the company. Launch will be offered in dozens of countries. From this currency, consumers will be able to secure and properly pay without the bank account.

play store app install free Free Download Before leaving the currency, many technical and legal remedies will be removed from it. According to the BBC, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has met the bank of the Bank of England at the Bank of England for talks with the digital currency. FPS will issue this currency in India as well.Facebook will try to send money in the country with its minute minute option by the Indians working abroad.

play store app install free Free Download Facebook’s corruption will introduce a currency, it will be a stable currency which will be associated with the traditional currency. Facebook is also interacting with Western Union such as US Treasury and Deposit Shipping companies.
The first news about Facebook’s corruption in the news was in May last year.

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