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play store app online Free Download Passwords are the way to live on our Internet. A good password can save us from cyber attacks on the internet, with a simple password we can wash hands with our key data.
Interestingly, millions of consumers know the importance of password and threats, using such easy-to-use passwords on internet, which can easily be guessed.

play store app online Free Download A UK survey conducted by National Cyber ​​Security Center (NSCC) found that 23.2 million Internet users’ account password is 123456. It has the most hacked password in the world. According to the source, 7.7 million users use 123456789 passwords.
In addition to those passwords that are used more often include qwerty, passwrord and

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People also use names of legendary characters in a password. The most superman is used in fictional characters. Then it uses naruto, tigger, pokemon and batman. Famous Premier League’s popular teams are also used in the passwords. The teams whose names are used as passwords, include liverpool, chelsea, arsenal, manutd and everton.The NSCC has released the list of one lakh passwords most hacked. The top 20 passwords listed below are listed below.

play store app online Free Download If you are using a simple or easy-to-use password then change it immediately.
It is better to use a password containing several words, numbers and symbols. Never keep the password of your social media accounts and email accounts that you use on every blog. That is, use separate passwords on each site. It is most likely to use Google Password such as a password manager and submit Google’s responsibility to remember the difficult password.

play store app online Free Download According to reports, the Samsung display is working on the 8 inch and 13-inch dual-folded screen screen. Both of these panels will be developed this year, but it could not be clear when their first devices will come to normal.
According to the Korean publication “The Belle”, two different designs of this display are being developed. They have one type and type.Apparently G & D show the structure of the display, but if any of the pictures are visible, no feedback will be made.

play store app online Free Download It seems that the 8-inch display will be a G-typ and a 13-inch S typewriter. Both of these displays will come up with Apple’s iPad Mini and iPod Pro comparison, as the size of these two devices is the same.
Displaying the G-typed display will also appear outside, while SType will display only on Front.
According to a new report on Checkpoint Research, Russian hackers recently attacked a number of European embassies by sending virus infections. Apparently this attachment was sent by the State Department.

play store app online Free Download During the attacks, hackers target European embassies established in Nepal, Guinea, Kenya, Italy, Liberia, Bermuda, Lebanon and many other countries. Hackers emailed Microsoft Excel Sheets in embassies.
These sheets contained virus-based macros. These emails were apparently sent by the US State Department. Once the files sent to the email opened, a hacker-affected computer could control the controls of teamware and many other software.

play store app online Free Download The press releases have been told that the hackers target those people who belong to the finance sector.It seems that hackers had planned very carefully and carefully for these attacks. They make booksense keeping their hunters interested.

play store app online Free Download Although these attacks are from Russia but it is difficult to say that the government is behind it. A hacker is in touch with a hacking and joke forum. He is named as EvaPiKs. The user told the other users how to do this sort of way. Because a hacker is related to the casino forum, it can be said that hackers have done all this for financial benefits.News was hot from today this morning that Sam Singh has canceled the launch of Galaxy Fold launches in China on April 24 and 26. Sometime later Sam Singh officially confirmed that Launching in the Galaxy Fold global market For weeks, it has been lifted.

play store app online Free Download Galaxy Fold’s display error was reported last week. This problem is two ways. One has a problem in displaying this phone’s display and folding mechanism, and secondly it has deteriorated due to the display of its protective film film, consumers understand this movie as other phone protection screens. Displaced, which displays the display.

play store app online Free Download According to Samsung’s official statement, he explained that the company now knows that there is more improvement in the Galaxy Fold, so that users can provide the best possible experience.

play store app online Free Download Samaji did not announce the new history of this phone, but said that this announcement will be done in the coming weeks.
It seems that now Samsung will not allow consumers to retrieve its protective film as well as to ensure the safety of the phone screen as well.

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