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play store music app Free Download Facebook will introduce its Messaging application to desktop too. The company announced today that it will also issue its popular Messaging Client Messenger for Mac and Windows. FSB said in a F8 developer conference in San Jose, California, that desktop version of Mac and Windows desktop version Will be presented by the end of the year.

play store music app Free Download Well, there are more than a dozen mobile phones in the world, in which consumers use the Messaging application, but those who work in the office use most of their day desktop computers.
Facebook Messenger’s desktop client will help those people spend more time on Facebook.
The Messenger’s desktop client will make it attractive to businesses too.

play store music app Free Download This will drive more advertising campaigns to businesses. The company also wants to introduce several other tools to the Messenger. Desktop desktop version will include audio calls, group video calls and several other mobile versions of the mobile version.It is believed that the desktop client will be built based on

play store music app Free Download is a quick alternative to using Messenger  services on the web.
The company says desktop client experiences are being made. By the end of this year, it will be released for consumers of the entire world.
It is far away from the project to leave Space X Internet Services in the underground suburb. The FCC has approved the revised project for leaving the Star Star Stylishs in Space X’s underground mediterranean, i.e. 550 km (342 miles) height. Launching the initial star link in the beginning of May The way is clear. Lower sizes contain better coverage than a few, internet speed does not break, and there is no chance to increase the space cycle.

play store music app Free Download Other companies, such as One Web and Keypler Communications objected to the SPX application. The position of these companies was that star links would disrupt their stitudes. The FCC did not believe him. The FCC says it would not be too disturbed. The FCCC did not even risk the strokes of new currencies.
Space X has planned to leave more than 11,000 Star Link Stylishs in the ground of 6 years. Amazon has also planned to launch 3236 services.
In the next 50 years, Facebook will replace the dead people instead of living. According to the University of Oxford, the number of consumers on Facebook will exceed the number of users living on Facebook by 2069.

play store music app Free Download The number of fast users on Facebook is growing rapidly. After 8 years of Facebook launch in 2012, there were 3 million users on Facebook who died. Today, users of Facebook are more than 2 billion.
It is estimated that 8,000 users of Facebook die every day.

play store music app Free Download Experts predicted that according to the Facebook data of the 2018 facebook, the end users of the end of this century could be 1.4 billion or expected to be 4.9 billion.
In the last few years, the speed of Facebook’s growth has slowed down. It seems that Facebook will become a digital cemetery with this century.

play store music app Free Download Facebook is offering many features regarding users who die. Living people can unite their late friends in Facebook Parties and Events. Users from the New Memorial Tool can remember their stupid ways. The feature’s profile of Facebook’s artificial intelligence also prevents us from appearing in a painful way.
Cyber ​​Invaders in Paching Attack, using fake web pages, try to steal users’ sensitive data such as login information, passwords and credit card numbers. Even today, Python Attack is among the major threats to the Internet. Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report has said that in 2018 pension emissions has increased by 250 percent.

play store music app Free Download Many web browsers already have blacklist and other modes of defense systems to deal with the Attack.Now a new pictured pistachio has emerged. This method called the Inception Bar is for mobile devices only.
When browsing users in many mobiles, the browser hides the address bar. Its goal is to provide users more space on smaller screens.

play store music app Free Download If the address bar is missing, users can not see a webpage URL that is listed in the address bar.Putting it in front of the new Python Attack is designed.
Basically this method is made of a fake address bar, at the top of the web page, where the

play store music app Free Download address bar is usually. The browser addresses the actual address bar at the time when users scroll upwards but lock the Scroll feature in the page, so the Safari page can not scroll up.Its effect is that consumers face fake address bar instead of the original. This is exactly the same as the original address bar. Addresses of any web site in this address bar can be displayed. Web developers can make a full copy of Chrome address bar. It also looks like a real address bar.

play store music app Free Download Users can easily identify the address bar to be fake or genuine.
Tabs and menus do not work in the fake address bar and the url listed in the address bar can not be edited either. Users can also calculate the address bar from tab count to counterfeit.
It’s too late

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