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Polay Store App Download Free Android Google has added and featured a lot of visas features in Google Maps. However, the company has added feature features for reporting speeds on features and roads about Speed ​​Cameras and Speed ​​Trap in Google Maps.
Google now includes SpeedModMeter in the Google Maps Navigation screen, which helps keep you in line with speed.

Polay Store App Download Free Android Driving more than speed, warning the Speed ​​meter driver at the bottom left.
This feature has been taken from live visas, but unfortunately this feature has been released for just a few users on this stage.
At present, users of the US, Belgium, Britain and Brazil can use the features of

Polay Store App Download Free Android Speedmeter. In the rest of the world, consumers may have to wait relatively more for this feature. This feature can be enabled from the Navigation Setting menu.
Apparently it seems that all consumers like Dark Mode at applications at this time. At the moment, more apps are creating Dark Mode features. Battery life from LED feature features Also increases

Polay Store App Download Free Android Google also introduced the Dark Mode in its popular apps YouTube and Maps. Google has now introduced the Dark Mode in Google Photos.
The version of Google Photos has been introduced in the Darkness mode The feature of Dark Mode has been released to users in most of the world’s countries.

Polay Store App Download Free Android Google is also launching a new Dark Theme in Android. This Android device will be able to apply digital mode on user interface and device applications.
There are many benefits of Dark Mode. This reduces the use of power. The weak people can see the screen better. Also, it is better to use dark mode in a less bright environment.
Microsoft is now introducing feature users for Skype users. Now skype mobile users will also be able to use screen sharing features.

Polay Store App Download Free Android With the new update, you’ll be able to share the screen directly in the call. This feature will be at the bottom right of any call.
A few more features have been included in the mobile app. Its interface is now simple. When the double tape is done on the screen during the call, the image is visible to the other person on the front screen. You can use some other features such as call recording and subtitles, with a new menu.

Polay Store App Download Free Android The new سکائپ app can be installed on IOS 12 or Innovative and Endroid 6.0 Marsheo or modern versions.
Huawei has released a mid-term smartphone Lamborghini 8 (Maimang 8) for Chinese consumers. This phone is based on the previous year’s phone Huawei Smart Plus 2019.
This phone’s display is 6.21 inch IPS full HD Plus. The display has a waterproof switch, with a 8 megapixel cell phone camera installed. The 24-megapixel main on the phone’s back is a 16-megapixel ultra-wide angle and a 2-megapixel dipth sensor.

Polay Store App Download Free Android The fingerprint reader is also installed on the phone’s back.
The Memorial 8 has Kirin 710 chip set, 6 GB remote and 64 GB storage. Storage can be extended to 512 GB by microsoft D slot.
This phone has 3400 mAh battery, which can be charged with microsoft port. This phone has an EMUI 9 installed with Android-pie.
Memang will be presented in 8 Midnight Black and Safir Blue colors. The price will start from 1899 yuan or $ 274 or 244 euros. Pre-order of this phone has begun, and its regular sale starts from 12th June.

Polay Store App Download Free Android Google Maps has introduced a new feature for Indian users, which will be able to know the time and time of travel buses and rallies running in ten major cities of the country. Mixed mode travel routes are included in the maps, including Auto Raksha and Public Transport have been combined.
With Google Live Traffic Data and Public Bus Schedule, Google Maps can now calculate the correct delay in travel time.

Polay Store App Download Free Android This feature of Google Maps has been introduced in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Lucknow, Chennai, Mysore, Quimbatur and Surat. Initially it is the first city in the world, where this feature has been introduced.
From this feature, users can also take accurate information about the trains. This feature is built with the help of my train app. Google has bought this app for almost a year.
Mixed mode directories will now tell about Auto Risk. This feature is just released in Delhi and Bangalore. Briefly, it will be introduced to other cities.

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