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pubg xbox update

pubg xbox update The MP5K is a fresh out of the box new sub-automatic rifle loaded for 9mm ammo. MP5K is selective to Vikendi and replaces the Vector on that map.

While the shooting mechanics of the MP5K are like those of the Vector, it gloats a higher per shot harm, however with a lower generally speaking discharging rate and DPS. This SMG additionally has a higher magazine limit than the Vector, beginning at 30 adjusts of course with 40 adjusts in an all-encompassing magazine.

Key qualities of the MP5K:

High rate of flame at 900 RPM with sensibly simple to control pull back

Obliges all connection spaces to take into consideration a strategic stock, various sorts of magazines, gag connections, grasps, the laser locate and, obviously, scopes

Base harm estimation of 33

Selective to Vikendi

Survivor Pass 3: Trump card




Survival Title Framework is propelling Season 2 with certain progressions

If it’s not too much trouble perused this post for more data about Survival Title Framework Season 2

Ongoing interaction

Weapon Equalization


This will help increment M16A4 effectiveness when battling about long separations

When terminating utilizing burst mode, the underlying backlash has been diminished

Expanded the range before harm tumble off happens

Inclined Sights and the Strategic Stock would now be able to be connected to the M16A4

The Strategic Stock will diminish draw back recuperation time, activity kick and weapon influence, while likewise improving Advertisements speed and hipfire exactness


Vector has been rechambered to utilize 9mm ammunition

Magazine limit has been expanded to 19 shots as a matter of course and 33 with an all-inclusive mag (was 13/25)

Harm diminished from 34 to 31 due to above changes

Gag speed changed to 380m/s (beforehand 300m/s)


The UMP9 has been rechambered to utilize 45ACP ammunition and is presently called the UMP45.

Magazine limit has been acclimated to 25 projectiles as a matter of course and 35 with an all-encompassing mag (was 30/40)

Shot sounds have been changed to be increasingly reasonable

Gag speed changed to 300m/s (already 400m/s)

MK47 Freak

Strategic Stock would now be able to be appended to the MK47 Freak

The Strategic Stock will diminish withdraw recuperation time, activity kick and weapon influence, while likewise improving Promotions speed and hipfire precision

Connections Equalization Adjustment

At the point when prepared to Guns, the size of the sight will be diminished to fit all the more suitably

SMG and Gun connections have been consolidated and would now be able to be utilized on both weapon types

Slugs Circles for Shotguns, Win94 and Kar98k have been consolidated into one thing called Ammunition Circles

Holo Sights would now be able to append to guns

Hit Territory Harm Multiplier Changes

Expanded SMG appendage shot harm from 120% of base harm to 125%

Expanded SR body shot harm from 110% of base harm to 130%

Diminished the base harm of the AWM from 120 to 105.

If it’s not too much trouble check our Dev Letter for more data about the SR harm multiplier changes.

Interactivity Parity

Diminished the general point punch (point influence) connected when being shot by a foe

Emergency treatment units will never again mend in a split second after use clock and will rather reestablish wellbeing over a 2 second time span

Vehicles presently square players from getting explosive harm with a comparative component utilized for different articles. Despite the fact that, contingent upon projectile position and direction, harm can in any case be managed to players holing up behind vehicles.

Thing Generate Parity Adjustment

Erangel Plunder Changes

The general thing bring forth rates on Erangel have been expanded. Moreover, we’ve expanded the bring forth rate of some real weapon classes.

Expanded the produce rate of ARs (12%), DMRs (16%) and SMGs (14%)

SRs and Handguns got a slight produce rate increment

Because of thing changes this fix, including combining a few connections, there is normally a hole left in brings forth which should be loaded up with different things. Along these lines, we have expanded the bring forth rate of different things uniformly. This will likewise result in a little increment in brings forth of high need things, for example, ARs, prescriptions and so on.

This additionally implies the general plunder for different maps has likewise expanded somewhat, albeit no progressions have been made to singular thing bring forth proportions on different maps.

Crosshair UI Improvement for Inclined Sight and Degrees

Included another crosshair when utilizing the Inclined Sight to help players effectively distinguish which extension they have prepared

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