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remove app from play store Free Download Samsung has released another version of A20 model, Galaxy A20E. This phone uses an 5.8-inch LCD display instead of a 6.4-inch super-embedded display, with resolution resolution 720 x 1,560 pixels. The phone also has Infinity V notch, which has an 8-megapixel cell phone camera installed. The phone’s dual-core camera setup features 13 megapixel and mainstream f / 1.9 with up to 5 megapixel and ultraviolet module 5 megapixel.
The fingerprint reader is also installed on the phone reminder.

remove app from play store Free Download The Samsung Galaxy A20E contains 7884 chip sets, 3GB bars and 32 GB internal storage. Phone storage can be extended to 512 GB by micro SD card. In this phone, instead of Andrews Android version is installed.
Due to the shortage of the phone screen, the size of the battery is also reduced to 3000 mA. This battery can be charged fast by 15W charger.

remove app from play store Free Download Samsung Galaxy A20E will be available in black and white colors. The date and availability of the date will be announced later.
Samsung has recently introduced several smartphones of the Galaxy A series. Samsung’s Galaxy A series officially has been announcing the Galaxy Jay series officially.
Samuel Maleshia has released a video clip, which has been reported that the Galaxy J

remove app from play store Free Download Series is now Galaxy A. In this video clip, Samaji has announced the Galaxy A 30 and A50. These smartphones are available in the country of Pacific Ocean.

remove app from play store Free Download Although Samsung has introduced the Galaxy A10, A20, A30, A3, A4, A50 and A1, but consumers are waiting for A80. Earlier there was a rumor that this phone will be released in the name of A90. It may have a sliding camera mechanism where the main setup will work as a self-shooter.Because its camera setup is going to rotate.

remove app from play store Free Download Sam has also announced yesterday “A Galaxy event”. Let’s see what Samu introduces in this event.
Facebook Flat has introduced many features for consumer accounting accounts. Now friends and home friends in a special transit tab will be able to post a memorandum on the memory account of their loved ones. This way the memorandum will look like this, as it appears before the user’s death.

remove app from play store Free Download Since 2015 users can designate their friends or families as their heirs.
These inheritors handle their Facebook account after the user dies.

remove app from play store Free Download These inheritors can not read user’s personal messages, except that they can completely control the consumer’s account. These same heirs will now handle the management tab. These will determine the friends who can post on the late timeline. These tags can remove and change account settings. These can change the heirs and profile photos of the heirs and also accept the Angel Rivist.

remove app from play store Free Download Users under 18 years of age can not nominate anyone. As long as Stephanine’s parents under 18, they can request Facebook to be their heir or garrison.
Facebook is updating its terms and conditions after many issues agree with the EU. In these Terms and Conditions, Facebook has told users clearly that they can access Facebook for free because the company rely on consumer data to show advertisements. Facebook will also tell you how much the revenue has been utilized.

remove app from play store Free Download The new terms and conditions will apply to the users of all over the world. The company has also updated the policy regarding its own responsibility. Facebook has clearly accepted that they will be responsible for negligence of any kind, for example misuse of data from third parties. That means, now the Facebook will be responsible for coming in front of any scandal of Cambridge anathetic style in the future.

remove app from play store Free Download The European Union has changed some terms in terms of Facebook.
European Commission and Consumer Protection Corporation Network will keep in view the terms of implementation of the terms and conditions on Facebook. FPS will have to apply new terms and conditions by the end of June otherwise it may have to pay a heavy penalty.
The EU has asked to update some terms and conditions from Twitter and Google Plus.

remove app from play store Free Download Google Plus is being closed due to massive data leak by the end of this month.
A bad thing forward in the Wats app group is to be sent forward messages. This thing is about to end.
Facebook’s proprietary messaging application is app making a new feature experience. This feature will be able to block messaging repeatedly to the Group Admin Group. This feature has been seen in Android’s latest beta version version, and is currently in the development process.

remove app from play store Free Download The Wats app recently released beta version 2.19.97. According to WABetaInfo, Wats app is working on a feature in this version, which will allow administrators to ban post-messages in a forward-forward group.
Remember that this feature is currently in the development steps, so ordinary users will not be able to see it now because Bai default is disable. After launch, this feature will be used with group settings and it will only be visible to Group Admin.

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