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sign in google play store app Free Download The Wats app business has been introduced for small enterprises. This allows small businesses to communicate better with their customers better. The Wats app Business Appendix application was presented only for Endrode users in September 2017. Last month it was introduced to some of the IOS users in some countries.
Now the Wats app has confirmed that this application has been offered to IOS users worldwide.

sign in google play store app Free Download Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, India, Mexico, UK and US IOS users can benefit from it, while consumers living in other countries will soon be able to use it.
Contrary to the Wats app’s standard application, features of businesses like more advanced features, such as automatic quick replica, customization and Facebook Messenger, are offered in the Wats app business. During the setting up at the Voices sign

in google play store app Free Download Business Business The details of your physical store address, work hours, and social media accounts are required. According to the Voices app, users from this application are increasing their business.
Snap Corporation has announced many new features included in the application in Snap Partner Summit.
The first important feature is of Snap Games. Snap Games will be mobile games, which you can play in mobile. This is a multiplayer game that you can play with your friends, while playing games, you can also do text or video chat with your friend.

sign in google play store app Free Download Six Games in Snap Games include Bitmoji Party, Tiny Royale, Snake Squad, C.A.T.S. Drift Race, Zombie Rescue Squade and Alphabet Hustle.
The second feature is of Snap Originals. These are the natural shows that Snap Chat made for the application. All shows will be played in full screen in portrait mode like stores. Snap chat orientals will show documentaries, comedy, youth shows, and many types of shows.

sign in google play store app Free Download Snap Chat will offer 10 shows in the beginning. The rest of the new shows will be presented later.
Snap Chat has also improved in Linux. With this, users will now scan different items and find them on Amazon. Similarly, music can be found on photosynthesis about music or other questions.
Users can share shares with other users by creating new links from the new Linux studio features.
The company has partnered with world-class artists, who will create lanes of famous places.

sign in google play store app Free Download Snap Chat has also improved the snapkit. Snapkits are tools introduced to developers, which they can add snap chat function to their applications. Now with storage kit, developers can connect snap chat stores into their applications.

sign in google play store app Free Download Bit Builder Kit can add developer bit caps to your apps. Credits Kit can share the developer’s second apps with Snap Chat. Snap Chat has also offered AIDS kit for advertising, which can make money from your apps using the developer snap chat ad platform. Snap The chat has introduced many features, but the feature of snap orgenals will be presented for a few months.
Skype has increased the limit of participants in group call to 50. The feature has also included the feature of notification for such calls in the application. Skype started experiments in both of these features last month. Now it has been enabled for all users.

sign in google play store app Free Download Consumer users were asking for a long time in connection with the features of group users. Skype used to support group calls only of 25 people, while other applications support the call options of more and more people.
The features of the feature in the skype will be replaced by Bell Bell, but the Consumer Groups call can also use the feature to inform the bell if it is less than 25 participants.

sign in google play store app Free Download The US President Trump’s proprietary resort “Mar-a-Lago” has been avoided by a huge “attack” of wealthy warriors. The situation was a Chinese woman, Yuing Zhihang, used in the attack. Has been arrested with a USB drive. This Chinese woman was scheduled to resort March 30. In the initial investigation, he first told that he wanted to go to the swimming pool, then he claimed he had come to attend the United Nations “Friendship event” on the invitation of a person named Charlie and Trump’s family wanted to talk to China and US economic relations.
No event was supposed to be held in an event resort.

sign in google play store app Free Download The woman on reception caught Yogging when asked for a bug event event and was not named in the guest list.While Yuging was caught, American President stayed at Trumpet resort, but was in part of the International Golf Club.

sign in google play store app Free Download Apart from freight USB B, 4 cell phones, 1 laptop, 1 external hard drive and 2 Chinese passports were recovered from the yogging.The matter became more mysterious when Yoging first told that he had an English language, but later he claimed that he also knew English delicacies.
It was not yet clear what the purpose of the veneration was. Malicious USS and their behavior seem like they wanted to hack the resort or trip home family’s systems.Remember that USBB drives are used to break the security of those systems that do not connect to the Internet or to the arm.

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