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youtube play store app Free Download Microsoft has announced to include DirectX 12 support in Windows 7. The company has announced that Blizzard Entertainment’s popular game World of Warcraft will be the first title which will support DirectX 12 in Windows 7.
DirectX 12 is a low-level API which was released with Windows 10. The goal is to increase performance by reducing the dependence on the drivers. DirectX 12 can work on multi-core CPUs.

youtube play store app Free Download It can enable multi-gpu systems without harder technology such as CrossFire or SLi.
For the past few years, developers are adding directX 12 support to their subtitles. If it is well added, its performance is much better than DX 11.
However many gamingers use Windows 7 platforms to play games.

youtube play store app Free Download The Windows 7 had the latest version of the DX 11, which was supported.Compatible with Blazez, Microsoft decided that the D3D12 Runtime will be included i

youtube play store app Free Download Windows 7. Microsoft has explained that even though the DX12 support has been added to Windows 7, it should be used in Windows 10 for its best performance, because it is designed for Winds 10 only. .
Unfortunately, users of Windows 8 or 8.1 will have to use the DX 11 badge.
Security-related Facebook-related Facebook has been upset in recent months. Due to data leaks and security problems, it is criticized on Facebook.

youtube play store app Free Download The latest news about Facebook has been that Facebook has secured millions of user passwords in simple text files for 7 years. By 2012, all passwords were accessible to 20,000 employees of Facebook.

youtube play store app Free Download Internal-based sources say that the company had saved 200 to 600 million passwords in this manner. No company reserves users’ passwords in such a way as Facebook has done for years.
Facebook did not tell the number of users whose password was protected in that way. The company says millions of users of Facebook Lite, millions of Facebook users and thousands of users of Instagram were saved in this way.

youtube play store app Free Download Facebook is now informing all such users.
The company has acknowledged that its employees had access to Passwords, but no evidence has been found till today, which suggests that their password has been deliberately tested. The year was found in January, then the company has removed all the troubles.
Last week, news about browsing and reverse image search was available in the Wats app application. Now it’s about two new features of the Wats app.

youtube play store app Free Download Wats app is working on features for Forwarding Info and Frequently Forwarded.
Forwarding information tells you how often your sent message is sent to others.
This information will be in the Message Infrastructure section. At the top of the message sent, information on Forever will be visible by clicking on the Message Messenger icon.
According to the WABetaInfo report, this feature will only work for messaging sent to others. If you want to see the messages for your forward forwarding information, you will have to send this message to someone else, after which you will be able to see the information for forward by pressing the message on the sent.

youtube play store app Free Download In Frequency Forward Features, when a message is sent more than four times it will appear on the labeled Frequently forwarded. According to the report, if a message is forwarded 5 times or more, you will not see its statistics.
These two features appear in Android version 2.19.80 in the Watson Beta version of Android. If you are using this version, you may not have this feature enabled. This feature may never be included in the application. However, it is important to join their application for successful experiences.

youtube play store app Free Download youtube play store app Free Download Users from these features can estimate the data forwarded by the statistics that it may contain fake information if this message is going forward for too long.
The Google Inbox application was being considered as a future for Gmail. It included more adonous filtering and many features but now it has been counted as well.
Google Inbox is being terminated by the same month. If you visit, Google recommends moving users to Gmail by declaring its shutdown history.

youtube play store app Free Download According to the message Google will end the Google Inbox by the end of March, as well as the Inbox application will be closed on April 2.

youtube play store app Free Download Although Google has added many features in the Inbox, but not all features are included. Users using the inbox are worried that Google did not include feature-linked links in online highlights, in-box links, and feature Gmail for archiving e-groups.
Hopefully Google will add all of the features to Gmail in the future.

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